If you like tattoos get in here (39 Photos)

  • nschiver

    Smoking girls. But no matter how much I try I can't get really into the tats

  • Wrench

    I would indeed!

  • Haywood

    How is this post not titled Tat Tuesday or Tattosday?

  • Anonymous

    #14, #18, #21 and #24 are perfect

  • hank

    Are teen girls still getting those awful tramp stamps?

  • Yak

    I appreciate the fact that all these women are very attractive.

  • 775

    #9 is the hottest chick in this gallery.

  • sean

    I kinda love #6

  • http://www.facebook.com/Nick.Goldston Nick Goldston

    Oh my god #31, you are an angel.

  • Tim

    Ladies, please stop the fucking septum and monroe piercings!

  • Fish

    #5 Good God, is she a member of the Yakuza? Absolute Bad-Ass!

  • yoyo

    Please find.. i think i am in love.. #19

  • Jen

    The new tramp stamp is getting writing on your ribcage

  • SoCal Chiver

    Incredible!!! Where do I find a chivette like this

  • Joe smith

    #32…..marry me.

  • Crews

    #37 is a suicide girl, she's got some pretty good photoshoots on their site.

  • detroitjones

    In regard to #5……… not sure if I should fuck her or read her?…….? She is hot……very hot….sooooo fuck and read at the same tyme!!!…?? haha very nice laaydies

  • Nolan

    #37 marry me!

  • phil

    #39 is gypsyone a total babe

  • Doesn'tAddUp

    There is a point when too much ink makes a pretty girl not so pretty. Here are some fine examples: #3, #5, #9, #15, #23, #27, #37, and #38.

  • Andy

    Can we have more of #9 without the phone blocking her face… And as said before we need more of this post… 🙂

  • Rob

    #27 I love how the lil girl is peeking out while I'm tryin to peek In her shirt

  • Max Champion

    What a waste of some good looking ladies. All will look ridiculous in their 40's

  • kevin4544

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  • Anonymous

    Keep them coming John.

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