13-year-old girl sends letter to Quentin Tarantino and recieves hand-written response back (5 Photos)

Sorry for Quentin’s poor penmanship. What did you expect from a guy who never graduated from High School?


  • burt


  • SmokeyTheBear

    Is he calling her Satan?? haha

  • Fancyfethers

    I thought I had bad hand writing…

    • Quest

      I don't think he did well in school (although his films are awesome). I think he dropped out very early as well.

      • Paul.C

        ya…fucken 2nd grade?

  • dan005

    i feel good about my penmanship after seeing his…

    • Derek

      I still feel pretty ashamed of mine. Good thing penmanship is largely obsolete.

      • ps86

        not so sure that's a good thing

  • Dan


  • Geno

    That is awsome

  • GI Joe

    Cool story bro

  • Tripp

    Looks like a letter from a kindergartner on mothers day lol

  • Dave on Wheels

    I can vouch for the authenticity of this.

    • N8orius

      Well played sir.

    • Steve Martin

      "As long as we've got a voucher!"

  • Quentin

    that girl was a bitch I just sent her that letter so she would shut the fuck up

    • Jack Wagon

      She is 13 you cock drip. Try not to be such a fucked ass!

      • iain

        Was 13… in 1996 you god damn idiot. Fuck you are stupid.

    • Dave on Wheels

      Aw, why all the thumbs-downs? I thought it was funny.

      • I'll follow you


    • Bob

      Where'd you find that joke, the toilet store?

      • Sick350Z

        Yeah well, the jerk store called and they're running out of you!

  • HumpDan

    Translation please?

  • adum

    but what did her letter say?!?

    • http://www.facebook.com/marcjwrzphoto marcjwrz

      It's in the briefcase.

  • tv_paul

    I guess my 9 year olds writing ability is as bad as I thought.

    • HOOK_the_LEGEND

      Yes, but remember he or she has a bright future.

    • thom

      Seriously, my second grader's hand writing is better than that. Wouldn't you be embarrassed to have handwriting like that? No matter how successful you are?

      • Woop

        no one uses a pen anymore. If you still do, then you will probably lose your job soon to a general of electronics enabled kids.

        • tv_paul

          It’s true. I questioned a gad school teacher recently on why (except for your signature) they even bother to teach cursive anymore.

  • http://twitter.com/Davieboy817 @Davieboy817

    Looks like my doctor wrote that!

  • Jack Wagon

    I worked with a guy who's Han d writing looked like it could be from a 3rd grader with downs syndrome

    • pussy hipster

      omg he made a joke about downs syndrome! i better thumb it down so i have a clean conscience about not contributing anything to society.

      • the_junglist

        I thumbed him down just for name dropping.

  • MarK

    He clearly "wrote" that with his foot

  • Ryan

    For a guy that didn't graduate high school, he's doing quite well. He a true genius with a ridiculously high IQ

  • http://www.ultrarunnerpodcast.com eric

    True story, I was having Thai food with a friend 15 years ago in Hollywood and the server brought some flowers to our table and told us that "that table over there" sent them. It was Quentin Tarantino eating alone. We thanked him, and he just kind of shrugged. Really weird. Nice, but weird.

  • Fish

    Like Quentin, Stephen Cannel also had terrible handwriting. Cannel was severely Dyslexic, so his grammar, diction, spelling, and everything was wrong. But he went on to create the A-Team, 21 Jump Street and other hit TV shows of the 80s and 90s. He built a successful empire, just as Tarantino has done, so don't worry about Quentin's "terrible penmanship", because he's doing just fine without your negative input.

    • Dave on Wheels

      Wow, someone's really sensitive about handwriting criticism!

  • chiphurt

    His penmanship is clearly better than your spelling. "Recieve"

    • Dave on Wheels

      "i" before "e", except after "c". Doesn't everyone know that?

  • socalmarti

    Quentin is my favorite and this is beyond awesome!!! #1

  • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

    This is really awesome. Pretty envious of this girl.

  • theKid

    what does the girl look like now?

  • Cortez

    Jesus, what does he write with, his foot or mouth?!

  • jbb

    Chive must be running out of content.

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