Basements get all the attention, but attics can be great places too (31 Photos)

Some of you got a sneak peak of this yesterday. For everybody else enjoy the epic attics, or as I call them “the bastard sons of the basement.”

  • sfb101

    #4 A swing and the bed too! Kinky, I like it!

    • wkdfrog

      Gives a new take on a swingers party

  • 6_Crack_rocks

    #20 I need to fix my attic up like this. who am I kidding, Its going to stay full of old shit I will never look at again.

  • nbree

    I don't think I've ever wanted an attic so much..

  • @valorikx221

    # sexytime swing 0_o

  • Taylor

    God, I LOVE these ARCHITECTURE posts!!!!

  • majorfathead

    Many adventures in the attic of the old house we grew up in! *sighs good times

  • Confuzzled

    #5 why is there a bathroom fan?

    • JimmyHogan

      Probably one of those fans/vents that take smoke out of the air. So the people using the attic can smoke whatever they like while they watch movies and television. You stupid buttface.

    • majorfathead

      Umm or to vent excess heat from the least insulated area in a house

    • Nick

      can't believe the stupidity. Its for ducted air-conditioning.

  • Colin

    Awesome post! Gotta love #14

    • Medieval

      Photoshop. Look at the shadow of the footrest.

  • dinnerfat

    If you refinish your attic, where are you gonna put your map to One Eyed Willies secret boobie trap ship? Heh…boobie.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #5 – want.

  • Sg18

    Must be all warm climates, up here in Canada attics are the same temp as outside… That would suck in winter.

  • kylecali

    #7 how do you get up there? that bar looks like it's more meant for pull ups rather than climbing.

    • Nathan

      Muscle up

    • Jimbo

      There's probably a ladder hidden somewhere. I think that's one of those micro-houses

  • @spudrik79

    #5 Bacon

  • GI Joe

    This gallery showed up for a few seconds yesterday long before the DAR….

  • wkdfrog

    How on earth do you get all this shit up through an Attic hatch opening… Oh, nevermind #23

  • Kopach

    Thanks, now I want to go home and burn my shitty house down.

  • ImpressMe

    #8 and #11 I might never go back downstairs…

  • Schrodinger's Cat

    "Perhaps an attic I shall seek."

  • LaRollo411

    #4 I'll take that swing in my extra bedroom 😉 Please and thank you

  • drea72

    #5 all that awesome seating and tv and your watching beverly hills chihuahua?

  • guesswho

    you know attic's are places where you s!#t in your pants upon knowing that ghostly s!#t lurks there…

  • its_forge

    #7 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz … snkk.. snkkk… "uh? Is that bacon I smell? whuhh, I gotta get up and see what's cooking WHAAAUUGUHH" thump crash crunch

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