Black is Beautiful (38 Photos)

  • JoeyA77

    Oh Yeah! All going in the spank bank and when I have to close my eyes and imagine when I'm need to finish! Especially # 33! Bring it on Chive!

  • Scott P

    #1 wow…seriously, wow….

  • Dan

    Gotta love black women..they do it for me everytime

  • Draaz

    WOW….. Just WOW. To all our chivettes, black, white, asian, whatever, I just want to thank you all for the smiles everyday.


  • nycChive

    #29 find her

  • Kristen S.

    #4 is gorgeous!

  • paul

    When is the Asian is Awesome post coming out? Iraqi's are Irresistable? Greeks are Gorgeous? Chinese are Cheeky?

  • Jasmine

    I know all this hate has nothing to do with The Chive. Although, it really makes me reconsider posting myself on here with all this negativity. Can't we all just appreciate the female form?

  • Bobby Klobber

    Strange…it seems most of the commenters like the women that have anglo features with dark skin.
    Which might explain why alot of people find mixed races or other races "exotic" and attractive.
    Strange that society in general and in public frown on what seems to be a natural attraction and melting pot.
    Opposites attract…….but quite often cannot live together.
    Think about it.

  • cocoluvr

    All the above….YES PLEASE!

  • tyron

    black girls are sexy but not when they wear wigs.

  • Chive-a-licious

    #19 Is absolutely stunning. Def made my day, thanks for that!

  • Carlos says

    nobody wants to say it but what isnt beautiful is Blacktittude

  • andrew2172

    #1 #16 Damn girls. Beautiful. Straight up beauty. More from both of you please!

  • andrew2172

    #1 #10 Damn girls. Beautiful. Straight up beauty. More from both of you please!

  • olgreybush

    should just stop this thread, nobody wants it

  • charlie sheen

    I don't want to sound lie a dick but a lot of those gorgeous women were in fact, not black.

  • Mike Hunt

    OK #24 lets go now.


  • VanCan

    #11 and #19… wow and WOW!

  • MateoN

    I think I'm done with white women…

  • John Robert

    Clearly she is incredibly beautiful.
    Good work Chive.

  • xsmashxadamsx

    ..10 and in love..that is all

  • guy fawkes

    black isn't that beautiful apparently smh

  • Houdini112

    please find #1 #11

  • Esr0d

    #8 is just yummy

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