Jordan Carver is using the Twitter Machine properly (30 Photos)

Born in a small town in Germany with Italian roots, Jordan Carver moved to America and has since become an internet darling. You'll recognize many of the photos below that's for certain. Jordan also keeps a very candid Twitter Machine, I highly recommend it.

Say hello to Jordan on her Twitter Machine.

Jordan’s Twitter Machine.

  • Schnizz56

    She uses every machine properly! And what is she doing with Johnny Depp? #11

    • cfielder

      It's not really him. It's an impersonator for the movie "Who Killed Johnny."

  • Dave

    I will leave my wife for that in two seconds.

    • ORL

      I would leave my wife for that for about two seconds.

      Ha Ha.

    • DavesWife

      Dammit David… that does it… I'm calling my attorney.

    • GUEST

      Your wife should leave you immediately for ever thinking that let alone posting it online

  • nickyshags

    if i can only be so lucky to find a woman like her

  • Pete70x7

    Crush a beer can with those?

  • Pfizzle

    To answer people, yep, she's had some upgrading…she's at a 32HH now, but she's gone on record to say she was a 32E before, so it wasn't like she was completely flat…she was stacked to begin with.

    I love me some Jordan Carver. She is strong.

  • bdub

    Her clevage is actually making it's own clevage #10

  • BRAD

    Mother of all FLBP!!!

  • Andrew Jacky DiGiacomo

    JESUS! back problems here we come
    everything about this girl is gorgeous besides her name is Jordan

  • T.White

    MOAR of #4.. Please somehow make that fucking happen!

  • Thanks But No

    Tooooooooooooooo Big. No thanks.

    But I would check her out in #17.

  • ok then

    she looks gross.
    i mean big tits are fun to look at when you're an 8 year old boy but come on people, grow up.

  • SVSumm

    FLBP?… Where's the NJ Meet-up? Hope she's comes.

  • Buddy Elf

    #4 They're GINORMOUS!!!!!

  • Dyquen

    #25 With this being what she looks like sans makeup She is definitely a hotty. I'm not a fan of women wearing makeup, she is still pretty… pretty without it. With it GAHDAMN but without I would still wife her in every life time and parallel universe.

  • dano

    Never understood this one. Without the giant fake cans, there's nothing really to see. Another Milani. All cock tease. She has big fake boobs, I get it. Next !!

  • asdf

    meh those thing are going to look so nasty in like 10 years

  • louistulley

    FAKE! TOTALLY not her real hair color.

  • James

    She needs to change her name to "BOOBS"…

  • Jeff

    CLBP – Current Lower Back Problem. She must affect the moon's orbit!

  • hi mom


  • Steve

    Gotta be pretty insecure about yourself to get tits that huge…. Pathetic

  • theapprentice
  • Verbal_Kint

    If i were to pick my own execution, it would be death by Jordan Carver('s boobs)

  • Boobs

    Huge tits …. meh face.

  • bigfella402

    Oh, the poor woman, she probably can't play any sports at all. What a pity

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