My mind is melting (29 Photos)

  • OVonSchnitzengruben

    #11 Also a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt. He can read whatever the fuck he wants.

  • Dave

    I have #18 hanging in my living room! It's amusing to see when people notice that the seasons change as they pass by it

    • Yep

      Same here…compliments of Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It actually shows 3 seasons, winter, fall, and summer.

  • Dave on Wheels

    #4 Know how I can tell which is which? One looks real, and one looks like a drawing.

  • Dave on Wheels

    #12 What am I missing? Help me out here.

    • Erick

      He is sandwiched in between two of the exact same cars.

  • Trotter1982


    Weirded me out more than it should.

  • GrandCherokee

    #27 Only in a Jeep

  • Chiefs420


  • Ribsta

    #26 Well, at least he obeys traffic signs.

  • Mari

    #13 I believe it is made by machines, not humans…

  • prostreet68

    Al Bundy FTW!

  • Motofoxe

    #22… Want for my zombie apocalypse house please

  • Canucks_Rule

    #11 – damn someone watches tv closely.

  • crazydog

    #26 go home plane, you're drunk

  • TWhite

    #1 is the Kim Jong Il from Team America World Police?

  • Adam

    #1 is crazy

  • @DAWG_Newell72

    #4 aint a drawing, theres a shadow!

    • listerinebreath

      he's absolutely right. its impossible to draw a shadow.

  • VanCan

    #19 and #20: head currently exploding

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  • betamaxbandit

    #6 Keep up the good work, Atlas!

  • JuddBonus

    #25 Can somebody please tell where this is at, and can it be spotted on thanks

  • wkdfrog

    #14 Why is he holding him up with his penis? Why am I asking this, ok, that's enough internet or me today

  • Robzombie

    #1 It's John the drunk magicians' grandma

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