Sh*t I want (26 Photos)

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  • Hrdwood

    #1 Ironic… as coffee is just about as expensive…

    • huh?

      yeah, a cup of starbucks = $4.00 a cup of gas = 50 cents.

      • uplim

        $3.50/Gallon / 16cups/gal = $0.2188/cup

        • your face is a cup

          blah blah blah blah / blah blah blah / mehmehblahbleurgh

          • 6655321

            Peanut butter and crack sandwich.

    • Egon

      You sir, do not understand the concept of irony.

      • Totty

        Beat me to it egon

    • J-S

      By the way : looks like a nice buy for Christmas !


    #12, Yes indeed!!!

    • Daniel Tosh

      am I the only one who thinks she is average?

      • Truth


        • Daniel Tosh

          I'm so glad I have better taste than most people.

          • eggnog

            Something tells me what you are tasting is weiners

    • phil0sp

      this is shooped. i know this because i can see the pixels

      • dave

        everything is shopped, bro. Welcome to life

    • Derby

      Time for a whole post of this beauty!

  • kal50

    Hump Day Post to Hurry up!
    Oh, and #24

  • no no no nope

    so #3 masturbation is gonna be even harder to avoid…

    • no no no nope

      ooopssss #2

    • tv_paul

      Funny, I usually just put butter on mine.

  • slip

    Oh Mila

  • Sara

    I need so many if these

  • infantry_chiver


    • claire


    • Max

      This just goes to show that not all chivers are created equally. This is also why I do not immediately high five other people with chive shirts. Gotta make sure they're not a douche in disguise.

  • tv_paul

    #12 #2 Seeing this made me …insert.. enter.. insert ..enter..insert…enter on my pants till I finally generated some output.

    • NebraskaGuy

      How do you come up with this stuff – too funny!

      • tv_paul

        My Grandfather said I'm this way because a butterfly kicked me in the head.(RIP Old Man)

  • dfgdfgdfgdgd

    #12 Wow that's a lot of photoshop. I don't understand why they feel this is needed

    • Jen

      i agree. it looks like they put her head on someone else's body – for some strange reason…

    • brutalderp

      her belly button is in the wrong place lol



    • HOOK_the_LENGEND


  • Thisguy

    Fucking yes. Awesome.

    • Guest

      There are versions of this that actually light up. What? Ya heard right…

    • Bruce

    • Art

      I have the red saber chop sticks. They're freakin awesome, but because of the super smooth plastic material they're made of, they have absolutely zero gripping ability. Wet, squishy chinese food literally slips right out of the grip. Great to show off, bad for actually eating.

      • Underbaker

        I would be too busy fighting my daughters in a light saber battle to eat anyway.

    • Big B

      I have those!

  • Tim

    #12 Dibs

    • Anonymous

      Aawww you son of a bitch! I wanted that :/

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    #17 FFS, I'm flying over just to try some In-N-Out.

    And also have a burger.


    • Lazy Jake

      I've never had In-N-Out, but it looks so fucking good.

  • Gaaah.

    Wow, you like a lot of dumb shit!
    #2 #4 #25

  • J_Ace

    #26, that would be totally awesome

    • sterling

      arent those just scoops redesigned?

      • bh4q

        LOL'd @ madre de dios

        • jag

          Took me 30 seconds to Google it

  • CallMeMaybe

    #24 ..with speakers so loud, they'll blow off a woman's clothes.

  • Tony G

    #2 …that spacebar is going go get wrecked with all the porn.

    • ejazzyjeff

      Not only that, the the keyboard is going to get real sticky!

  • CowboyChiver

    #13 Mac, you are an evil genius…

    • Look

      You cant actually build anything with those, as there is no way to insert the raised parts of the lego block in another ice lego, would just fall or slide off

  • AlabamaHighTest

    #23 F*ck Yeah!

    • guest

      I will hold out for the dogapus

  • SloopDVille

    #12 Shut up Meg!

    • Yerp

      "You are what we like to call a practice girl."

  • MarK

    Laser cat for sale, now accepting offers.

  • Travioso

    #12 and #17 …..All i need to be happy

    • DickFister

      One is an In-and-Out Burger, the other is an In-and-Out Urge

  • ChicO85T

    #26 they're called scoops in canada…definitely come in handy

    • Chubby Chiver

      They are called Scoops in the US too.

  • Tony G

    #24 Agantgard system. Heard it years ago at CES. sounded amazing. Fucking audiophile pricing….

    • theforce
      Just the set of speakers on either side are $151.000 a pair……

    • zackgonick

      They look nice and are a conversation piece, but I'd rather have some Wilson Audio speakers.

    • LeftFlasherOn

      I had a chance to buy a set of 901's for $300 when I was in high school. Doom on me for not doing it.

  • chucklesclown

    #20 Good way to get punched in the chest.

    • Boo Hippies!

      God damn dirty hippies

    • greg

      ba dum tsss

    • Stinky Dog

      you guys are missing the obvious.
      1) give to girlfriend/wife
      2) constantly touch her boobs all day/every day
      3) claim you are just practicing for when she wears the drum shirt.

      • bunedoggle

        If you need an excuse to touch your girlfriend or wife's tit, you need a new girlfriend or wife.

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