Hot Right Now: Do the Booty Scoop (26 photos)

Take a ride down Hump boulevard (51 Photos)

  • Joe

    Can I just nibble on one of them!?! PLEASE!!!

  • moose_nutz

    #8 Wins the internets for me.

  • The Milkman

    i'm in (or wish i was) #2, #11 and #41

  • J_ny

    Ill take #12 and #13 please!

  • damn

    yep…. #8 will do

  • Kiesa

    Texas humps are smashing #21 and #27

  • its_forge

    #21 Holy fucking wow.

  • kevin

    #2 WOW! #34 ME3? GAMER GIRL? MOAR!

  • Chris


    Can I get a Happy Birthday too? Its a couple weeks late, but damn. I mean…well just…..damn?

  • Landon

    Hump dar is best dar.

  • Wrench

    Sorta reminds me of going wine tasting only better!

  • jeff

    #38 looks like Katy Perry

  • Tim Hamilton

    #2 #15 #19 #22. To take a quote from Sir Mix a lot, that sampled a 2 Live Crew song that sampled a movie. "That butt you got makes 'ME-ME-ME SO H#RNY!!!' "

  • country boy

    #39 wondering how you do it when your wings are on….

  • CLD29

    #8 BT Heaven!!!
    #9 WTBT!!!! You have a perfect hump and a beautiful BT/Gap
    #22 Cody, you lucky bastard
    #28 Now you see the thong, now you don't!!
    #38 You know you are just TOO DAMN SEXY! Can I cover you up???

  • @chive_crazy

    #1 and #8 I just took a shower. Now I need another one. Amazing

  • @chive_crazy

    #7 Triple my pleasure

  • bward10

    dibs on #28

  • redeagle

    #11 The answer to ALL my prayers!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  • kimoho

    Moar #5 & #19

  • MLT

    Clearly the Chivettes have been hitting their squats, because these humps seem to be getting bigger, rounder, and overall more awesome. Every week I am more impressed.

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  • hoosier beard

    #34 nice

  • mrkerrdontplay

    #22 that's a perfect female lower body

  • SAM1303

    #8, hump day? the word 'hump' has a totally different definition than the word hump in the US, and boy what i'd give to be humping her on a regular basis. WOW, what a hottie, i'm willing to bet that she literaly has guys fainting whenever sha walks by, and rightly so. She is close to being my babe of the year.

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