• jemain878

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  • HowardBrazee

    Must be the clown.

  • Adam Meyer

    advertising…. your doing it right

  • Hefe77

    Great commercial. Norwegian's need to grow a pair if this is true.

  • @baef

    I like how I have to watch a commercial… to watch a commercial

  • Fish

    Scary? No. Awesome? Yes!!

  • Nicnac

    Scariest thing about that is the awful song.

  • Peter North

    Lame !! Scary ??? I have seen scarier things on BRAZZER's !!!

  • von Mises

    I also think it's scary what happens when a nation is over run by Obama voters

  • StoreMy
  • Alex

    Are you kidding? That's one of the coolest commercials I've ever seen.

  • Rusty

    Best commercial I've ever seen,fucking hilarious. Rick and the guys on Walking Dead could use a few of those zombie killers.

  • Chris

    This commercial was filmed in my neighborhood, in Miramar Florida to be exact was kinda cool seeing zombies walking around all day. 😀

  • vagina

    Easily the most entertaining commercial I've ever seen.

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