• Dan

    I have just watched it 4 times and I still can't figure out what it's actually for or why it's scary.

    • JackASS

      So…I have to watch a commercial in order to watch a commercial!!????? MAKES FUCKING SENSE TO ME, YA FUCKING JACKASS

    • Kit

      It's for XXL, a Norwegian chain of sports equipment stores.

  • Aaron


  • rob

    omg i love sports!!!!!

  • tay

    Fuck yeah The Hives!

  • JustK

    I could see children being scared by it. Kind of graphic with flying body parts, too.

  • Csubi

    First rule of Zombieland…..

  • ston

    Sports and exercise on tv can be pretty scary to fat people

    • Brian

      it was norwegian, not american…

      • richard

        Nice one Brian, high five 🙂

        • Brian Hinrup

          You're most welcome, Richard

  • https://www.facebook.com/cfmarker Christian Marker

    i'm norwegian and i've seen this commercial like a 1000 time this week, so you are not right…

    • Oskar


  • richard

    It was to scary for some kid, i dont blame them, seeing limbs fall off…. But the media makes a bigger deal out of it than it is. Im from Norway so i know.. The commercial is good though

    But try to show a nipple on american tv…….what happens then?

    • richard

      i meant some KIDS

  • ari

    Umbrella corp sucks

  • lat297

    I'm not sure about scary – but it is a bit far fetched.

    • McBeastie666

      I'd say it's more than a bit far fetched….they consider razor scooters a sport….I mean, c'mon.

  • http://twitter.com/EirikGr @EirikGr

    KCCO from Norway!

  • majorfathead

    Nowhere near as scary as a McDonald's commercial, Ba Da Buh buh Ba

  • Drake

    That's the most epic commercial I've ever seen!

  • dalshepsut

    I like how everyone teamed up to take out the golfers

  • Takingbackcider

    I now have a way of incorporating my favorite sport into the forthcoming Zombie Apocalypse!

  • TeamJacob4EVA

    Zombies are a fucking joke.
    Now those fast fuckers from 28 days are dangerous, but zombies are dangerous only if you are disabled or stupid.

    • Kid

      I don't know, the zombies in Black Ops II kill me all the time.

    • lat297

      Day by Day: Armageddon. Read it, then come back here and thank me.

    • VanHelsingBitch!

      coming from "TeamJacob4EVA" lol

  • MonkeyMadness

    It was more comical than scary. Maybe it was the use of blood. Given the exact same commercial without the blood, it probably wouldn't have been seen so "graphic".

  • jfd9898

    It might be a Norwegian commercial but clearly made in USA …Fitte

  • skidapark

    Looks good to me! the flying body parts were done in good humor. They must have the same minority of uptight a-holes we have here in the US that ruin it for the majority.
    Note – I'm part Norwegian but have never been there. always curious to see what goes on in countries I have some nationality in.
    Speaking of which, can you bring back Voe! 🙂

  • cels0_o

    Quick grab a soft sports ball…that'll hurt them.

  • April C.

    It wasn't scary until the clown zombie came along… *cringe*

  • Joseph

    Seriously? That was awesome!

  • dagleja3

    If this is to scary, they had better not show any of The Walking Dead than.

  • Canucks_Rule

    after the walking dead, this is nothing.

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