You can’t explain that (50 Photos)

  • Craigery

    #10 Looks like the Jolly Green Giant was getting his jollies with her.

  • guy

    Go home winona ryders face, you are drunk.

  • drnitro

    #10 Hulk facial

  • Ann

    #22, #40 WTF

  • English_Rob

    #8 That's wee Jimmy Krankie. She was part of a Scottish comedy duo pretending to be a school boy. It's worrying what was funny back in the 80s.

  • Si1entStatic

    even thou it's not front page….. someone needed to own up to #10

    <img src="; border="0" alt="jollySorry"/>

  • Reilly

    Haha I see 46 all the time while I'm working

  • siniestron

    #11 hummm

  • AndrewWI

    #2 Camels howling at the moon… T shirt design?

  • DWChiver

    #25 nicki manaj?…

  • CrimsonRockStar

    #28 I didn't know Samus could skateboard

  • Mackin

    #39 is from the Onion. The Onion is a newspaper/website that makes up silly things in a news parody format. Hey! I was able to explain that one!

    Great post otherwise.

  • George Zip

    #36 I unfortunately know about a dozen people who will do this for their Facebook Profile Pic by this evening.

  • nfqoute

    #10 …meanwhile, at the VeggieTales gangbang….

  • Guest

    #19 – So the damn, dirty apes came from outer space! It all makes sense now!
    #34 – That's what happened to that lamp from "A Christmas Story"

    • Guest

      Meant to post these.

      • Uncle Dirty

        #21 is from Robot Monsters From The Moon, voted 2nd Worst Movie of All Time, in the Golden Turkey Awards. Plan Nine From Outer Space took top honors..

  • Primer Gray

    So much shit just got xlerated into your mouth.

  • BygNick

    #10 Vegetable bukkake?

  • LBF 4 ever

    what the fuck

  • skyfireCO

    #44 I can explain. Peanut butter is delicious. Done.

  • HahnSolo


    You want to hook up this Friday?

  • lebelge


  • d-train

    #10 Brazzers

  • LeaMagneto

    Best post in a while.

  • TheNewGuy

    #10 Hulk Facial

  • ughrandi

    #1 is from an internet dare site. They dared regular girls to do a pole dance in public and send in their submissions. It's pretty funny, if I refind the link, I'll post it.

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