Girls toning up everywhere in the name of health (39 Photos)

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  • jOb

    bravo ladies, bravo!! 😀

  • Michael

    Hey Chive, please start posting the Daily Motivation from the Berry (and stuff like this thread) in the Chive! Great motivation for working out.

  • bunedoggle

    Ladies, I commend you on achieving your goals.

    For me…Boobs > Abs

  • Mom

    #20 – what happened to her skin? Either her skin turned to leather or that's not the same chick.

    • Liva

      I am the same girl,, that show I got entirely too spray tanned but I was new to it all..

  • What_Tha

    #2 Wow. #35 just went too far. That's just ugly.

  • Jimbo

    Most of them took it too far

  • Prometheus

    I can't fap to this.

  • Craig_619

    Everyone looks amazing. Your next goal/challenge should be to motivate and guide someone who is looking for help. Obviously by the looks of it you all can be a great inspiration for anyone

  • VanCan

    #4 and #29: Incredible!

  • Bradrews

    I'm all for getting healthy, and maintaining a healthy weight is a big part of that.. however alot of these woman look fine to me before the weight loss. Dont get me wrong, congratulations to all of these woman for completing they're weight-loss goals; but many of them look fine the way they were before.
    Now a days, it seems that society makes it so if youre not in a 00 pair of pants, you should be on a diet, which scares me when I think about the generations to come…

  • شات عراقنا

    thank u

  • Sean1977

    Great job ladies, keep it up and enjoy being hot.

  • Col

    #9 go back to the previous version


    "No, NO!" screamed a million fat chicks, grabbing at the air as their excuses floated up and turned to ash.

  • J187

    #32 is totally fake her body would be so jacked up by that much loss in weight # 25 more realistic….

  • ChristophersonofGray

    How do we know some of these aren't after and before pictures reversed?

  • fred hahn

    Be interesting to hear how they each did it both ITO diet approach and exercise.

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