Girls toning up everywhere in the name of health (39 Photos)

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  • FiddyKing

    Congrats to all of them.

    • ThatGuy

      #34 the pics are backwards !!! She went from a 2010 camera to a 1970 camera. maybe she was using Instagram Filters. BAD ONE!!!!

      • Concerned Chiver

        Props to #1 for being one of the only ones to not add a spray tan. I see you baby…

    • jessed

      They all turned into whores

      • dan005

        Is that a bad thing? Just consider it them catching up on all the sex they missed out on when they were overweight.

  • EMT Phenom

    from far to good to.. GOD DAMN
    atta girls

    • ander

      ……. eh?

    • Craigery

      purple monkey dishwasher?

  • Tiber_Septim

    #2 incredible great job!

    • üäö

      did she eat the dog?

    • BScaller

      That's tara reid on the right. Hmmm…

      • deadpool


    • hungry guy

      I call Bullshit!

  • RealZoo

    #22 #29 …#27 — I prefer the before picture.

    • busterbrown

      chubby chaser

      • Don't hate

        AKA- the perfect wingman.

    • Scott White

      Big girls will do Kinkier things in bed. Just saying

    • Meowmix

      They don't care what YOU prefer. It's about making themselves feel better

    • Manny

      Well, they are healthier than ever before so they'll last longer just saying


      Huh…never knew an opinion could be wrong.

  • EMT Phenom

    Crossfit is the answer

    • HoofHearted


    • Joe

      Crossfit makes small men and hot women.

      • Jouhker

        Sadly, this isn't true at our gym. The guys are pretty ripped and we got some fit girls that aren't very cute!

    • DDD

      And quit putting shitty processed food and fast food into your body, its crap food

  • Ntro

    Number 8 is not healthy anymore, below 100 lbs…

    • Zak


    • Just Saying

      maybe she is only 4'8"
      height has a lot to do with the drastic differences of losing just a few pounds.

      • Derek

        Yeah no kidding. She in no way appears emaciated. But congrats I guess (?) on finding the shitter lining in the situation.

    • Bob

      Fatties gonna hate…. and eat.

  • p1ll

    #2 for the win

    • Jeff

      Definitely Tara Reid on the right. Fake.

  • nofatchicks

    get skinny = get attention

    • Guest

      Reduce excess body fat = reduce risk of chronic disease

      • D'oh!

        Get skinny = dumped boyfriend

    • Craigery

      Yeah, it's nice to think that all of them are doing it "in the name of health", but the fact that they're posting pics of themselves on the internet to show off their new bodies suggests they have additional motives.

      • Chivette

        or maybe they are just extremely proud of what their hard work and massive dedication has achieved? wouldn't you be? I am one of these people, albeit not massively overweight, transforming my body to look like and IFBB Bikini competitor. It is HARD to be this disciplined.

        • Anotherwes

          You tell em – if you got, it flaunt it – especially if you've worked your ass off for it and it wasn't gifted to you like…

  • jen

    If they can lose that much weight I think I should be able to handle 10 pounds right?

  • arsehoal

    i never thought id say this but…i want a transformed fat chick

    • Craigery

      Be careful what you wish for. Former fat chicks are ticking time bombs. Former fat chick = future fat chick.

      • Dyquen

        Nah not always, but they do carry on tendencies from previous fat behavior. i.e. That eager to please attitude, the insatiable hunger and ability to fit alot in their mouths at one time, translates into something most always been skinny chicks never learn to do in bed.

  • Pechter

    Work hard, lose weight, look good. Then spray yourself the color of somebody's fucking dining table.

    • Rebecca

      Add some extensions, change your hair color, add some fake eye lashes and all your make up you've ever owned and you're set!

  • SAChiverSteven

    #32, Holy Shit

    • 0331

      You are amazing 32!

    • NoEffingWay

      No way the before is 490…290 maybe and that would be a stretch.
      William "the Fridge" Perry (1985 Chicago Bears for you youngsters) was 6'2" and topped out at 380.

    • Maddhatter

      I just hope her thighs arent still brown

  • gclark

    Looks like a few of these girls went a bit overboard for my personal taste. Overall though grats, I wonder if they ever go up to guys who wouldnt give them a 2nd look and show them what they missed out on.

    • lucid_eye

      I agree whole heartily, skinny can be just as unhealthy as overweight. There were a couple of girls in there that looked better in the before and may have been healthier in the before as well. But congrats on achieving your goal regardless.

      • lucid_eye

        After scanning through a second time a lot of the women in that post looked better before, I think that there is a HUGE grey area between fat and skinny. Unfortunately our society only sees it one way or the other.

        • justathought

          i agree with almost everything you are saying. I think many of these women cut down for competitions, figure/bodybuilding by the looks of it. I don't think they would be that lean all the time. Amazing transformations either way.

  • Robber

    some of these don't even remotely look like the same people

    • Mike

      More than half methinks. Also, coincidence that a lot of them seem to have become body building competitors?

      • True_Story

        Yeah…… I'm tempted to call BS on some of these……

        • Chivette

          Its not BS, these are mainly body transformations from
          A lot of people lose weight to just lose the weight, these people in particular had goals set to be competitors hence why their pictures are professional shoots and they are mostly competition ready.

          There are plenty of people in the world who work hard and lose the weight, but don't publish it for the world to see.

          • Shagmar

            I'm sorry but the after shot in #35 is photoshopped. Her head is WAY too big compared to the rest of the body.

  • Andy Valentine

    Some of the "after" shots make me suspect that they didn't all do it "in the name of health"

    Sterling jobs all around though. #4 in particular. How stunning? The answer. Very.

    • zackgonick

      Easily the best of the bunch!

    • Tyler Rauch

      shes a cutie too!!

    • Craigery

      Yeah, I'm not sure how the new hairstyles, nose jobs, and salon/spray-on tans improve their health.

  • NP1972

    Does loosing 15lb after being pregnant count???

    • gclark


    • karma

      That's what I was just thinking!!

      • Mattimusprime

        its not really the pounds that matter. its the toning.

    • The Cake is a Lie

      It does take work, same as anyone else losing weight. Buuuut I'm not sure that counts as fat so much as a natural process.

  • SeattleChiver


    proof that hard work pays off

    • DirtyMike

      Proof that gastric bypass works

  • TylerDerpen

    GET RIPPED IN 4 WEEKS! female version

  • tony

    you can all stop now

    • hootie bootie

      esp with the fake bake…wtf u lose all the weight only to leatherize your skin? derrrrrrrrp

  • So_english

    #10 #12 #28 and #35 went to far imo….

    • SingleBrokeFab

      I think #12 looks good, but otherwise I agree. There has to be a balance, and too muscular is just as much of a turn off as too chunky. Most of these are very inspirational though!

      • Jen

        I think if you feel good about how you look and feel good in general, then who gives a shit if other people think you are too muscular?

        • Craigery

          If you feel good about how you look and feel good in general, then who gives a shit if other people think you are too chubby?

          • Jen

            point taken!

    • Orukal

      Good thing they weren't doing it for you.

    • Deep Dish

      #28 stretched her image too much. Look at that face.

      • Axerald

        THANK YOU. Obvious shop is obvious.

  • Colin

    This is why I don't mind making fun of fat people.

    • Ba Durr

      actually it's why your parents named you where your head generally resides…up your colon…Colin.

  • Yes sir

    #29 lost weight and became Asian

    • HANK

      #20 lost weight and became black lmao

  • @jmforshey

    #35 Love that ink! great work

    • tic

      I think the right photo is an image from Gremlins 2: The New Batch

      • thisoneguys

        35 is a photoshop job.

  • Dusty

    "In the kitchen" jokes aside. I prefer chunky #34. Just sayin.

    • batman

      Chunky #34 would have been a lot more fun in bed plus those boobs!!!! Skinny #34 looks like a dead fish.

  • Pikesville

    #25 for me just don't go too far. I prefer curves not angles.

    • MylesofStyles

      Fat girls need love too.

      • Lboogie13

        Yeah, not the best pic but I bet she has some good curves.

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