I wonder what she’s thinking about… (41 Photos)


    #39 Just begging for it….

    • me...bn

      Photoshop here^!!!

    • jbcrazylife

      agreed!!! and i'd love to give it to her!!

    • barryshaft

      No in my hair

    • Bone feeder

      Well done sir, thank the good lord she's on tile and not carpet,cause there's gonna be a mess….

      • Poop Stain

        They were thinking how badly they need their pipes cleaned with my anaconda

    • Just a Guy

      "What's POV? I've never heard of that before."

      • BFM Fan

        Point of View

        • Just a Guy

          Yes I get it. Hence the quotation marks in a title posted "I wonder what she's thinking about…?"

        • dpy


    • olgreybush

      let me guess killa, your the one to give it too her? bhahhhahahahhahahaha

  • Bhodi

    #41 That's what a man does!

    • jonny

      F*** her for me Matty… for meee 😀

      • Mac

        Deep down you know…that the juice is worth squeeze.

  • Brad

    #41 Good God yes I do.

    • Danno

      Can I choke you too?

      • Samson69

        after me you cum first

        • Nbl


  • pa'ver

    #7 intriguing, how about some more?

    • Kristen

      intriguing, she's a whore.

      • what

        in a tree gym on the floor you say…. kinky

      • A BiPolar Guy

        Intriguing how people say this about girls who pose for free but never about models who are paid to do it. Isn't that backwards? Seems like jealousy, maybe or fear of competition from " regular girls", Or among guys resentment that you can't get a date, I suppose.

  • beasty

    "Say what? Sure!!!"

  • Peter north

    #39 – brazzers

    • Intrigued

      Really?? Link? Title?

  • idk bout her

    but I know what I'm thinking!


    # 33 I love it when they wear that

  • Jeff

    MOAR of #9! That is all.

    • marcos

      Paloma de Oliveira. Brazilian actress.

      • marcos

        Ooops .Paola Oliveira. Brazilian actress.

        • UncleRoast

          THANK YOU!!!!

        • Steve

          Thank you also!!!! She is HOT!

    • Peasoupdoughboy

      One of the hottest here

  • TheYesMan25

    #1 "I wish there was a guy under me" <— what she is thinking NOT ME ha can't stress this enough.

    • bob

      about to fart, after holding it in for an hour…

      • pooptard

        sweet relief.

    • what

      I dunno you sound awfully defensive

  • Zedhere

    #16 "If Im in the woods, do I still have to make a post coital sandwich?"

    • jjjjjjjj

      or "I should really buy some underwear that fit me"

      • gunner

        They fit perfectly

  • kranick

    If just one of them was thinking about me I'd b happy. #18 gotta love the exotic look

    • North Dakota

      Kayla Koi nsfw

    • The Truth

      Thinking "I wonder if they'll crop out my nut sack?"..

    • bill

      it's a boy for sure…

  • Jak

    #14 I'd Mickey her mouse

  • TheYesMan25

    #39 "well…..I'm waiting"

  • tv_paul

    #24 Okay, but I've never done this with a guy before ( she says for the 1,146 time)

    • RAFI BOMB!

      Ashley Robbins, NSFW

  • suck me dry

    how far off i want her to suck me

    • FSU_Chiver

      All the way!

      Haha good to see you back at

  • passwordistaco

    #11 Shoulda been in the Red Heads post, we'll take a double dose!

    I'd take #1 over the friggin PowerBall

  • matt

    #4 I'd like some MOAR! Just a taste of her juices please

    • Brian

      Playmate Jaime Edmondsson – Miss January 2010

    • ps86

      also… too much

    • DanTheMan

      I find a woman that hot and a Broncos girl… Consider her married!

  • chipolino

    #36 a tea bag maybe??? MOAR

    • fan

      Lela star

  • slimm

    they are all thinking about my HUGE…… stamp collection

  • xjrich

    thanks to #10 #15 and #19

    • Vince

      #10 Mia Malkova. YW

  • slip

    What's she thinking about? how much she loves me. #38

    • Disappointed

      She's thinking "this isn't my house, how did I get here?"

  • mike

    #10 porn star mila malkova

    • Texas

      Thanks… Fap on

    • boob_cuddler


  • arsehoal

    #31 GAWD DAMNN

  • @chive_crazy

    #13 makes me feel like taking a cold shower every time I see her pics

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