Sydney, Australia beaches closed due to rare red algae bloom (14 Photos)


  • melindu

    Crimson tides

    • 0-49

      Yeeeeeehaaaaaw any mention of my CRIMSON TIDR I get reminded that sabans the shit, we are number one and will always be. THIRRRRTEEEEEENN NATTTIONAL CHAMPE-YON-SHIPS. ROOOOOLLLL TIIDDDEEE

      • Josh


      • rolltide

        we actually have 14.

      • Gusto

        The movie was better and actually relevant.

  • Drwar41

    Whale period?

    • ronnydump

      No mother earth is not preggers

  • Acidvolta

    Some bible thumper is going nuts right now somewhere.

    • Crazybiblethumper

      "And the waters shall run red like blood"

      Mwahahaha, the end times are upon us, repent sinners and you shall be saved!

      Crazy zealots, ha

      • ImCrazyToo

        Not saying zealots are right, but what if they are? Should we not live as if God does exist and there is accountability for our actions in an possible afterlife? I think we can see the results of living as if there is no accountability in the various social problems that exist. Children grow up and commit crimes while still children-murder, rape, arson, etc. I think that these kids grow up without a clear sense of right and wrong, and no accountability for their behaviors and they just escalate to the point you see now. So I think I'll live as if there is, because I do have faith and I do believe. I think it would be wise for others because there just might be.

        • Religionisafarse

          If something can be claimed without evidence, it can be dismissed without evidence unless we all want to agree to such notions as the Earth is only 6000 years old… a god is an imaginary friend for adults who cannot fathom an existence without some greater meaning.

          • Underbaker

            Take the bible out of it and try looking at it this way, can you think of any possible way you can look at an automobile and think it was created by accident, then how can you look at something as complex as a human DNA strand and not think the same way.

      • notaperson

        Ignorant people have it so easy. You can just say things like "zealot" and "bible thumper" and have no idea who or what you're talking about. And what's funny is you're all probably the same tards telling people to "coexist". 90% of "us" aren't trying to push anything on you or anyone els. YOU people are the hateful closed minded ones. In fact I need to work on being a better Christian my self so hopefully someday I won't feel so inclined to tell bigots like you to go fuck yourself.

        • Dylan

          Wow. I never figured I'd run into such a huge fucking douche. Good luck having a terrible life where you fear an imaginary being.

  • Still_Counts


    Go home mother nature, you have a period.

    • gclark

      Its just her time of the month, itll pass…. but a lot of people gonna die before it does.

  • Daywalker

    Just when you taught it was safe to go back in the water…

    • MylesofStyles

      I don't know if I'm qualified to teach that, to be honest with you.

  • IknowWhoYouAre

    The land's coagulated And my mind's incarcerated But my helmet's ventilated With the souls of correlated…

  • DerJöe

    yeah when the red tide is comin the fun is over…

  • Stray

    The Japanese get red water like this occasionally.

  • Pearsondubya

    #9 double genie pants?

  • MigraineBoy

    Yeah, I'm not going to make the same joke twice.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #10 #13 am i the only one who thinks that pool is gross?

    • james

      those pools are right along coogee beach, built right into the rock/beach.

      • Yomumma

        That's Bondi beach and it uses sea water. It is built in to the rocks and waves can crash over the pool brining sand and what not with it

        • Darren

          take a better look, it is Clovelly Beach

    • twoedges

      of course it's gross, there's Australians in it

  • i8paula

    Just an Aussie kid walking his snake #7

    • Twiztidct

      Lol. Yep the deadly Stick snake.

  • Buda B

    #1 has no fucks to give about that

    • Iso

      Looks more like the algae is scared of the Aussie.

  • Wisti

    #11 and #12 I bet something like that is how God "turned the water to blood" and all the fish died etc. For those of us who believe in both science and God…

    • Just kidding

      You make a choice you fence rider, its God or science you cant have your cake and eat it too! (which is dumb because whats the point of cake if you can't eat it??)

      • jaylati

        Which sucks that it has come two sides, when science is really just explaining in detail how God works. They both really do go hand in hand but people put their spiritual view first and then decide what's right and wrong, when it should go the other way around when you're dealing with science, as to not hinder what you learn.

      • Wisti

        I am 3 semesters away from both a Physics and Mechanical Engineering degree… You can be a Christian without being ignorant, you just have to understand that things were worded so the ancients could understand it. God is timeless, therefore "the world was created in seven days" could very well be seven millenia or more etc :p
        I like making cupcakes rather than cake, so after I eat one I still have more to bribe people with ^_^

  • Eric

    Michael Jackson said it best. "Beat It!"

  • shawn

    don't teach me things chive!

  • jim

    Australia? That water will probably kill you instantly.

  • chiver

    Somebody call Dexter….

  • The_Dood

    They call Australia the crimson tide. Err, was it Alabama? Screw it, you can still call me deacon blues.

  • jess

    Kool-aid man pissed in the water again Dammit!

  • Thomas

    This happened during hot spells of above 40 degree Celsius days, where i live today was 45+, it was shit.


    looks like the end of The Cove 😦

  • John

    Instantly reminded me of the mummies curse from the movie The Mummy

  • passwordistaco

    We get a "red tide" here on the east coast in the states. Complete opposite of Australia's (go figure) from what it looks like. Our tide is not actually Red, it just kills everything. And you sure as shit don't go to the beach, everyone within a mile can't stop crying and coughing.

    • Hunter

      I'm from MA, yeah the Red Tide we get out here is actually extrememley dangerous. It can poison shellfish and other marine life.

      • Anotherwes

        I've lived in MD my entire life and have never heard of such a spell, not saying its not true, I'm just surprised I've never heard of it.

  • Canucks_Rule

    ha, aunt flo was visiting.

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