A behind-the-scenes tour of “The Walking Dead” (50 Photos)

  • AnyoneForCoffee


    So. Who keeps cutting the grass during this zombie apocalypse?

    • pr0n

      You obviously haven't seen that show. shut up.

      • Steve


    • Stories from H-Town

      We laughed at that because during one show you see a guy doing it and guess what? Latino.

    • Macro

      Congrats on stealing that joke.

  • donuts

    i can't quite understand how anyone could find this entertaining.
    i just don't get it.

    • Tothe

      Have you ever watched it or you just judging the proverbial book by its cover?

    • Fish

      Well, donuts, perhaps you should stick to watching Lifetime, Hallmark, WE, Shopping Network, or Antiques Roadshow.

    • don'tchangeyourself

      indeed good sir, so much money put into so little thought. Good thing I was told arguing with idiots gets you beaten by experience! The show sucks big time!

      • Fish

        It smells like you're due for a change.

  • Crumbs

    The makeup artists do one hell of a job!

  • Busternut

    #14 Love this show to bits. I follow most of the cast on Twitter and they all love each other and enjoy their jobs. I was hooked from the moment Rick put a bullet through the little girl in14's head

  • Zaedrus

    #7 Oh, Maggie.

    • greg

      who's the other person in the picture

  • Zaedrus

    #15 Second from left is surprised by the direction they're getting.

  • rico

    #3 looks cut? your pic is a town with people

    • rico

      was supposed to be a reply to @AnyoneForCoffee101p .. its friday gime a break

  • FNG

    Creepy shit there meow

  • varu1976

    #23 its over John Locke , you are lost !!!

  • Chad

    Man it looks like fun to work on that show

  • bigcityreem

    #37 So Batman helped Merill escape that rooftop. Must be in the deleted scenes.

  • GeoQuin4

    #50 I would.

  • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

    #39 Norman Reedus don't give a fuck.

  • Eder

    I kinda just ate lunch… 😦

  • socalmarti

    #34 This has been the grossest zombie so far, can you imagine what that would smell like!!! Eeeewwww….!!!!

  • Fish

    #48 #22 #8 Hats off to Greg Nicotero and his SFX Make-up Team. Consistently excellent work every show.

  • wes

    you guys need to have a chive meet up in senoia where they film here in georgia. there's a great irish pub ( with donut burgers) and zac browns new bar southern social club. i live 5 minutes from main street. and am constantly running into cast members.

  • Lori is a dead ho

    That feel when troll win.

  • coolaid001

    awsome prog. love it so much..

  • Phoebe Q

    can we get this in HD pleaseee?!?!?

  • UncleRoast

    Best series EVER!

  • Paul

    THE BEST fucking show on tv right now. Just DO NOT kill off Rick, Glenn or Daryl, or you will lose a fan!

  • http://granthuhn.wordpress.com/2012/11/30/the-walking-dead-behind-the-scenes/ The Walking Dead: Behind the Scenes | Synapses

    […] Enjoy the photos. […]

  • Canucks_Rule

    #7 – so would.

  • Mike

    I live right down the road from the town they are filming in. On a regular basis, it is blocked off by giant metal doors with machine gunners on the turrets. All while getting a beer.

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