Best photos of the week (65 Photos)

  • dougie


    So much for my breakfast…the dog ate it before I could clean it up

  • DWolf

    #29 is possible. Drive a staple onto a tree, drip some water onto it. A drop will stay on the staple. Done. You could also freeze it.

  • Tdn

    Photo #29 – Insert ziploc bag, problem solved!

  • Mboone2101

    #48 MOAR! For my wife no less. I love my life.

  • KMF

    #19 Vermont is a strange place. I can't decide weather they're better lit up for the holidays or parading up Church Street blowing their horns on St. Patricks Day…..

  • art.

    Can somebody kill me? I'll pay.

  • NeedleFapper

    #42, many many MOAR please.

  • Jrock

    #56 I still can't see the first word of that comment.

    • Jrock

      Okay, now I can. Fuck you Saturday morning hangover!

  • craigmarchphotography

    #11 needs to be found….want moar!

  • GuntherSquirrel

    #3 Looks a lot like Lacey Chabert imho….

  • Diggler

    #11 MOAR!/Find plz

  • Setta

    #54 Is this supossed to be funny? Have some guy shove an unwanted cock up in you, then let me know.

    • Dyquen

      coming from a sloth… YES very funny. Think how slow he would be to catch his target and think of the non-running/walking away target. Yeah rape not funny, rape by sloth hilarious.

  • BRAD

    #42 goddess

  • Arkibal

    #29 Have you ever heard of ice, mate?

  • jamie

    #3 #37 #42 Nom Nom Nom!!! MOAR Chive MOAR !!!!

  • KCCO Saluki

    #33 Jamiroquai still lives!

  • caturdaynight

    Who owns that damn grumpy cat!? #9

  • complexguy

    chive every vs chocolate model is maximal crazy hot does that mean im a blak gal lover? i mean more than white girl lover?this is a slight concern, as the Caloocan chocolaty colored split arse gal wuminz seem so ignorant to my milky bar aryan complexion?

    • uncomplexguy

      hang on real tea has just hit, fuk them ghetto bishes attiitude, up dat aryan cake ole

      • lostitdude

        u kno wat chive? think ts dem inbetwwen not to blak and not to whyte just riight, not justice tho littlr slag

        • mezzed

          chive fuk knos? faj is winner

  • jeff

    #37 #42 Beautiful THANKS for sharing ❤

  • Dominic

    #16 MOAR!! Please MOAR!!!

  • HarryH

    #1 The Breakfast Club: Emo Edition

  • Ronski

    Sara jean Underwood is my all time Favorite!! #62 KCCO

  • futurama fry

    #3 #7 #11 #14 #16 #37 #42 it ain't enough, we need moar

  • michael

    #37 is porn star Capri Anderson. #42 must be found

  • Billy

    #62 NSFW

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