Hot Right Now: The dark hair, light eyed girls are here to kick off your week (50 Photos)

Enjoy some defaced U.S. cash, because it’s only money after all (10 Photos)

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  • captain america

    look up "sean monaghan money art" in google it trumps this garbage and the guy made it on yahoo finance and it was a national story

  • manilovefilmsdylan

    #2 That John Goodman looks more like a mix between Goodman and John Turturro…which is actually kinda fitting.

  • Ifitaintbroke

    Next time, BFM first since he was all I was interested in. BFM for the win.

  • mopar_man

    It's too bad these are all photoshopped. There used to be a website where they had pictures of money that was actually defaced with a pen/markers/pencil/whatever. Sadly, it shut down a few years ago. I miss it. There is some amazing artwork floating around out there.

  • Winny

    really wish i hadn't spent that BFM $5 after i drew it, ha.

  • cory

    #10 …. new t-shirt for everyone?

    ps… the sign-in via FB isn't working…

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