It’s Friday, you could use some photobombs (29 Photos)

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  • howdy

    Your mom!

    • FNG

      Needs to get her crap out of my bedroom when i get done with her.

  • MattyDeuce

    #23 Take my strong hand!

    • mdubs

      You sir owe me a new keyboard. That was damn funny.

  • MattyDeuce

    Also, find them! #8 #9

  • jeff

    how do you add the picture to your comment?

    • Forty Creek

      Just put a # sign in front of what pic number you want to show. #1 #2 and so on

      • fumundacheese

        its the devils work

    • Smelted Pelted

      and welcome to the chive KCCO

    • getaclue

      your powers of observation are astounding

      • Troll finder 2000

        ^^^ This is a Chive Troll ^^^ post and comment carefully… They're led by an evil wench by the name of Paula.

        • Paula_

          – the one you love to hate

          • a-nom

            AHAHAH!! Don't give a shit what they say, we need this dirty ho!

  • Cracka_ass_cracka

    somebody didn't get that easy bake oven she wanted and is back for revenge..

    • tralfaz

      ….and knife to the throat, shh, shh, shhhhh

  • Forty Creek

    #6 Looks like the girl from the scary elevator prank video.

  • fucked

    what can I comment about in the background of one of these

  • Lucas_Schmidt

    #24 These teeth!

  • Paula_

    What Chivers need: to get laid.

    – Fan testimonial: "Here's a fan testimonial for you: "Go fuck yourself!" -SaveFerris – SaveFerris"

    • MigraineBoy

      Oh, so you're open for business?

      • Paula_

        Well, that's true.

        – the one you love to hate

  • Paula_

    What I need: #15.

    – Fan testimonial: "There's seldom a comment made by paula that doesn't crack my ass up. That drooling lil troll is pure entertainment – I'd do her – KeepinCalm"

    • TheWizardofWoz

      So what you're saying is you ALSO need to get laid

  • Walt

    what email do you submit pictures to to see them on this?

    • TheGnome

      go to the full site theirs a button on top (submit pics). all the info you need is their.

      • The finderator

        "there's" and "there", you numbskull!

    • tralfaz

      One does not simply see their submitted pictures on the Chive.

  • tv_paul

    #12 Is that a Brian Doyle Murray photo bomb?

  • StarboardEngine

    Swear I saw this picture earlier in the "Walking Dead behind-the-scenes" post.

  • Telephone Man

    #5 Yup, two chicks kissing.

    • Sampson

      Nice hans

  • rob

    #4 Nice Granny Panties!!!

  • sfb101

    #13 Awwwww

  • sfghj

    #17 made me lmao

  • thevanityscore

    i actually laughed at #17

  • suck me dry

    suck me all the way off

  • Walt

    How do u submit pictures to be on the next list?

    • tralfaz

      Let me help you out Walt, seeing you asked twice, there is a large submit pic button on the top of the page, click it and follow directions. But there is no list, if your picture is deemed Chive worthy by the Chive staff, and that's a big if, you might see your picture on the Chive. But people send in tons of pictures and never see them make a post. Good Luck.

    • VedHead77

      God Damnit, Walt. You're drunk again aren't you?

  • Hazel

    Every time I see someone – anyone – strangers included – taking a picture I try to subtly photobomb! I don't want to ruin the photo, just enhance it. My dream is to show up on Friday Photobomb someday in a total strangers picture! 🙂

    • Just kidding

      Best of luck.

    • @LosTorre

      I can't stop…it's starting to be a problem I think

  • Thisguy

    Dedication to the craft.

  • jai


    • STX

      MOAR! Find Her!

  • bless1

    #3-find her!

  • dave

    #27 Two dudes?

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