Let’s break down the odds of winning the Powerball lottery, shall we (16 Photos)

Via Buzzfeed

Via Buzzfeed

  • Gh.

    #9 really? Talk about ignorance.

    • Fuckyou

      Anyone that thumbs down is a cock sucker.

      • JWoeBMoneY

        Yo momma!

        • J_Ace

          Yo mamma so fat, when she goes to the movies, everybody sits next to her.

          • JWoeBMoneY

            Yo momma is so fat, that mountain lions sleep on her titties!

            • J_Ace

              The fuck…lol.
              Yo momma so fat, that when she jump for joy, she got stuck!

      • pissed

        fuck you asshole

      • Get Mad!!

        Wish my thumbs down button worked… Would anyone have said anything if it had just said "dog"? Get over it you pussies.

    • Chiver

      the stat is probably true just each outcome with respect to time takes longer if that makes sense. over long periods of time the chances of winning the lottery "could" be higher since there are more trials being executed(being played daily), where as if say the stat refers to 1 death per 700 000 bites, these bites (the trials executed) may not occur very often making the death to very unlikely with respect to time. So its not that that its ignorant so much as vague

      • DoubleNickelJP

        The only way your odds of winning the lottery can get higher is if you buy more tickets for an individual drawing. Time has nothing to do with it. My odds of winning will be the same for the next drawing as they are for this drawing. Also, I'm pretty sure the stat means that 1 out of every 700,000 people die as a result of a pit bull. Not that 1 out of every 700,000 bites results in death, making time irrelevant for that argument as well.

        • DeaconFrog

          Only true for any single Lottery draw, not the Lottery as a whole. The odds of winning the draw next time with any single ticket will be the same as they were this time, but if you buy a ticket for this draw AND the next draw, then your odds of winning the Lottery on at least one occasion will be almost exactly (but not quite exactly) twice as good as someone who only buys a ticket for one of those two draws.

          Admittedly, that's still a case of having twice next-to-bugger-all chance of winning it, though.

        • Underbaker

          Totally agree with your odds resetting at each new lottery, but you do need a time factor on the dog thing. Is it 1 out of 700,000 for all time, just this year, every minute, see what I mean?

          • M.D.

            You can only die once every lifetime.

        • Chiver

          Sorry I may not have been very clear. I'm talking about the expect value. The expected value of winning the lottery is the probability of winning the lottery being 1/175m X n (n being the number of trials) so times played, so if you play the lottery all the time n is going to become large and offset how small the probability of winning is, and as for the the pitbull stat it is quite vague needs more context

    • Thumbs down

      I like put bulls
      I hate their owners cause they act like owning a pit bulls is the same as freeing slaves
      It's just a dog relax with the "pit bulls are discriminated" against shit nobody cares
      Get the dog for the dog not for the recognition of getting it

      • JWoeBMoneY

        How do you know if some one owns a pitbull? They'll tell you in the first 5sec of meeting them. " Yeah, I just ran a 5k for veganism, while talking on my iPhone, with my venti latte, along with my rescue pitbull!"

        • JWBmoneys DAD

          All the references you just made are from this site… be original

          • JWoeBMoneY

            Go home Dad you're drunk!!

        • James

          Pit owners talk about their dogs because they have to fight against breed discrimination on a daily basis. The longer they own the dog the more hate they have to deal with. The more hate the more defensive they become. How do you fight against poor media coverage? How do you fight against ignorance and intolerance? You make people face it by talking to them about it and teach them from your own experiences.

          Personally I refuse to answer the question "what kind of dog is he", instead I say "He's an Andy, please judge him on the content of his character and not a label".

          When I first saw that pic my heart hurt a little. A site I love more than any posted something that puts a negative light on my best friend. After taking a breath, I realized, it's just a statistic. Probably inaccurate and only half the story. Perhaps it's accurate, and perhaps if they had posted one on a poodle people would have realized that a "friendly" breed, actually has a higher bite statistic. Pits are always the leading stat because they do their jobs right. If they are going to fight something, they are going to give it their all and try to win. However, the same is true for love. Pits love their people more than any breed I have come into contact with. They play as hard as they can, etc. They always give it their all.

          Like anything in life, know your facts, hold true to your beliefs, and ignore idiots on the internet who spew bullshit. For example the one I am replying to.

          Good day Chivers.

          • JWoeBMoneY

            You just made my case for me Jimmy, you are nothing a but a douche bag hipster trying to stay ahead of the fashion curve. I love pits, I've had them as pets, dumb as a rock but very lovable. That was not the point I was trying get across here Jim. I was referring to the people, like you, that like to own certain things for the fashion aspect and then try to paint themselves as individualists. When all the while they're just following the brain washed herd. Actually more people are mauled by German Shepherds than pits, but I don't see you on your soap box defending that breed. So like my dad stated: be original!

            Fuck you,

            • James

              It's James actually.

              I'm glad my comments made you feel better about yours. I expressed my opinion on the subject just as you did yours. I tried not to attack your opinion but rather defend my own. Perhaps the "spewing bullshit" comment was too much, but that's how I saw what you wrote.

              I walked through a Humane Society and met my best friend. I had no intention of adopting a bull breed. I was looking for a best friend. Where do you get off assuming you know me, my dog, and my situation.

              I would defend a German Shepherd, I would not defend the breed. I am a big fan of that breed, but once again that is judging a group and I disagree with that. I did not adopt one because, you purchase that breed. My intent was to provide a home for an animal that others would not. Luckily I met Andy 2 days before he was scheduled to die. Not because he did anything wrong, simply because his skull was too wide so people assumed he was dangerous. People do far more damage to animals than animals do to people.

              I believe the brain washed herd (the majority) are actually against the breed. So by having my own opinion I am an individual. I disagree with a lot of pit activists as well. Anyone that thinks Pits are harmless is due for a rude awakening one day. They make for the best of friends, but require supervision and work with regards to how they respond to things that may push their fight button.

              One thing we can agree on, they are pretty dumb. I prefer to call mine "special" though.

              Have a happy day!

    • mike

      this is FUCKING BULLSHIT CHIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Firechiver
      • Wrong

        that website is known to bend statistics in their favor.

        • MikeOverHere

          Actually, that website is known to publish statistics even if it hurts their agenda.

      • Math is simple

        Every media outlet and stats are skewed to call all dogs pitbulls because it gets people more amped up … this would be a perfect example of that

    • Ryan

      I hate seeing this :(. How about just attacked by a dog.


      Agreed Most people don't even know what a pit-bull is or what they look like. There are many breeds that look like them and are mistaken all the time. I know some former fighters i can introduce you to that would change your mind on the breed

    • callin BS

      this post is all bullshit, if the above is true then on average everyday 100 people are killed by pit bulls worldwide and we have 560,000 people die every day in an asteroid apocalypse

      • Yep

        It's not everyday stats, its over the course of your lifetime stats….

      • MikeOverHere

        Someone, I won't mention who, has no clue as to how statistics work.

    • lucid_eye

      You are the definition of ignorance. The stat is a stat, I am curios as to why you chose this stat to call out. Oh that right you're a self righteous Pit bull owner, I hope it bites your dick off in you sleep so you cant breed. I will not walk into the whole pit bull argument, but simply point out that you are an asshat

    • Yuppp

      Sensitive people are sensitive.

    • The PIT

      I've had pits since I was a kid and own one now named Blue. Don't get me wrong they are loyal dogs and my boy Blue will never bite no one, no kids or other dogs but if you intrude on my home yes he will bite you. That's his job, my first line of home defense for my wife and my child.

  • John Frm Ft Wrth TX

    Well if I win I'm splitting it with everyone that likes this post…bahaha…I seriously could though…ha

  • Frank Reynolds

    So I'm more likely to die in an asteroid apocalypse than be murdered?

    • Mike

      Of course your geography could quickly change that statistic but I'm assuming they're speaking from a general populous viewpoint.

      • TiL

        these things just dont make sence, you can't generalize these things lol, the chance efor me to be killed by a reptile is alot smaller then the chance to die in a bath, then again, I shower, so they both dont work for me

        • Will

          And the pogo stick thing – my chances are much different since I never use a pogo stick.

  • bh4q

    Im pretty sure more than 140 left handed people per year die using right handed products.. because everything you see on the internet is true:)

  • Mr X

    #4 kinda depends on your profession. Guess the odds are a bit higher if you're in the cocaine business.

  • Oscar

    #14 ?? how is 1 in 300m > then 1 in 750m ?

    • Chiver

      300million < 750million => 1/(300 million) >1/(750 million)

    • Buizerd

      lottery is 1 in 175m, not 750m.. maybe that clears it up? 🙂

    • Not American

      Learn to read Oscar.

      • ButURstillAdouchebag

        You must be the only one who cares where you are from.

    • Ms. Veronica Vaughn

      It's than, not then. Also, spelling out the word than is unnecessary when using greater than (>) operator. What you just said is, "greater than then." Ew.

      • Ms. Veronica Vaughn

        Damn parentheses turned into a smiley 🙂

  • Cpt Obvious

    140% of all statistics on the internet are bullshit

    • winning the internet

      This comment has to be true

      • thedude325

        "Everything on the Internet is True" – Abe Lincoln

        • Underbaker

          I can not tell a lie, but he sure did – George Washington

  • DErp

    #3 Really. Explain that to me. Since it hasn't really ever happen in our history, as far as i know, how the hell are these odds so good. Understanding that if it did happen everyone would be fucked, these odds seem incredibly unrealistic. What the hell Chive?

    • Patracleus

      Odds Of Your House Being Hit By A Meteor – 182,138,880,000,000 To 1. Soooo yeah bullshit on that one.

    • Not American

      Because Science

    • Kodos

      ask a T-Rex… oh wait

    • James

      If we consider all the near earth asteroids that have a trajectory that passes close to earth and we calculate the probability they have of colliding with earth, then make and average of those statistics, we might end up with a similar figure. Then the Actual result has nothing to do with the actual statisic, probablity of colision.

    • H-Town

      Possibly if there is an asteroid apocalypse, the likelyhood of you dying in it are 1 in 12,500. But the likelyhood of an asteroid strike happening first, is something more like 1 in potato or some other big number

      • MikeOverHere

        Close. The likelihood of dying in an asteroid apocalypse are nearly 1 in 5. But the likelihood of an asteroid strike happening is X.

  • Buizerd

    1 in 12,500 chance to die in an asteroid apocalypse? that doesnt sound right AT ALL, since its been about 65million years ago since the last astroid apocalypse….

    • CriminalJustice

      Also, I have a better chance of dying by asteroid apocalypse than by being murdered? Bullshit!

  • BigManJones

    I have a great chance of being put to death, than being bitten by a reptile? Sure about that? Buzzfeed ain't always accurate, yaknow?

  • chrysoberyl90

    But… i don't use pogo sticks…THERES STILL A CHANCE

  • Sexual

    So your telling me there's a chance!!!! Yessss I read ya, I'm with ya

    • justme

      Sorry, couldn't help it.

      • Huh

        is there an echo in here?

  • Quarter Horse

    #13 That sounds kinda low to me – I'd think that would be a lot more common

  • Mooch

    Considering there are 7 billion people in the world, #3 seems a bit inaccurate. 7,000,000,000/12500 is still a lot of people dying from asteroids on a regular basis.

    Alternatively, there isn't exactly an asteroid apocalypse every 12500 years.

    • Yep

      The stat is probably stretched over a lifetime, not per year (which still seems much too high to me).

    • smart

      first one that threw me too, i have a great chance of dieing that way than falling off a ladder? what

    • M.D.

      The stat is stretched over everybody's lifetime, because an 'apocalypse' would kill off the entire population, the odds of one happening are 1/87800000000000, times the population of the world =…

  • Cornholio

    Compared to the sperm lottery we all won just to be sitting here chiving. 1 in 175 million is small time odds.

  • Joe

    The odds are so bad, yet two people won.

  • bee

    never look at the odds, just don't spend your entire pay check, if you want to gamble that away…go to vegas

  • http://www.facebook.com/christian.fetters.77 Christian Fetters

    So you're sayinnn there's a chance?!

    • catmoustache

      What was all that 1 in a hundred and seventy million talk back there then?

  • bob

    So, 1.5 million people are seriously injured by chainsaws?
    520000 die in asteroid apocalypse?
    Somethings wonky about these stats. Bob should be fired

    • Think about it

      these stats are probably not per year… but over the course of your lifetime…

  • Just Saying

    #13 Before you can put a chance of 1:12500, you need to first multiply that by the chances of that actually happening.

    • Murph

      #3 you mean?

    • MikeOverHere

      Just Saying, you are wrong. Just saying.

  • Pedro

    $2 ticket,
    1 in 175M to win,
    500M payout,
    $1.43 expected value per dollar invested (plus all that dreaming time)
    GO PLAY!

    (next time, that is)

  • Seldi84

    #16 Well some bastard has to win it, Why not me?

    It's only a couple of quid,

  • Andy

    I am wondering why some millionaire doesn't just spend 175 million to buy every ticket and make a could hundred million in the meantime.

    • jjjjjjjj

      because if multiple people get a winning ticket he just lost money

      • Yep

        Yep, two people won… so after taxes, you'd get less than your invested 175 mill.

      • MikeOverHere

        But we would win for every ticket that got the powerball right, every ticket that got five numbers correct, every ticket that got five numbers and the powerball correct, every ticket that got four numbers correct, every ticket that got four numbers and the powerball correct, etc.

        By my calculations, he'd win $2 trillion. Or he'd lose money. One or the other.

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  • Faraz

    In essence couldn't you just buy every single possible outcome for 175 million and still come out with a profit, that is unless someone else gets the numbers causing you to have to split it.

    • sureman123

      well if they limited the tickets sold and you bought them all then that would work.. but they will sell to anyone, so all that would happen is you would bump the odds up for you and increase the jackpot, but not be a guaranteed winner..

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