• Ryan

    This is what makes the world go round

    • turbosnail4

      Does no one notice it says 14+ for the age to play with it?!?!

  • Steve

    Dang onions!!!

    • Canucks_Rule

      i know right!! lol.

    • Mads

      Yeah, it´s heartwarming to see. I think the piano music activated my hayfever… Got to love LEg GOdt!

    • cleojones

      yep.. pretty strong

  • Canucks_Rule

    very cool lego… very cool.

  • Applefish

    Now, if I could get these two 1x1x1 pieces apart, I'd feel the same way.

    • The_Dood

      Twisting helps…

    • TommyD

      Kids these days are spoiled. Lego makes a tool that separates the pieces. They'll never know what it's like to chip a tooth.

  • GH

    Just made a grown ass man cry. Way too awesome Lego!

  • Nick

    There is still good in the world. there is nothing beter then to see a child smile.
    would be cool to read in 10 years that he is working for Lego 🙂

    • Simon

      I'm sure glad I don't collect Lego sets. I'd feel rotten right now. As it is I'll stick to teary.

    • Nighteye2

      Yes, he practically got a job offer right then and there already. All he'll need to do is sent a copy of that letter with his job application 🙂

  • Global

    If only more companies out their would go above and beyond for their customers. Just the fact the read the letter and relied is amazing! KCCO little guy!

    • The_Dood

      When I was a little younger than him, I was fishing with my dad. I accidentally dropped my pole into the lake, so I wrote a letter to Diawa about it. A month or two later I got a new pole, a letter, and some fishing pole "life jackets" in the mail. It's nice to know that companies still do things like that.

    • Spelling Police

      "Just the fact the read the letter and relied is amazing" WTF?! What does that mean? Stay in school.

      • Lego-guy

        Dang auto-correct, at least most people can intuitively know what they intended. You should play with some Lego, it boosts creativity.

      • Joe

        I believe they meant "just the fact they read the letter and replied is amazing"

        Next time slow down and read it again

  • http://twitter.com/tazz9690 @tazz9690

    To think, I live in the Enfield, CT. area. Small world.

    • turbosnail4

      Im from meriden wooot!!!

    • balls&wieners

      my wife works at lego, as does my sister in law and step mom, it is seriously a wonderful company!

  • RealZoo

    Bravo LEGO, bravo!!!

  • DMC

    Legos are sweet as fuck!! Kickass kid too!!

  • rickacha

    he saved $100 for 2 years? wow the economy hit hard this family….I'm glad he finally got it …Go Lego !

    • Lyra

      Well, they're talking about the kid, he saved $100 in 2 years, which for a 10-year-old is a lot of money! I'm glad he got it after al.

      Parents had an iPad on the table though….

      • Alex

        It's not an iPad, it's an HP TouchPad and those things were firesaled for $99 last summer. I think they parents are struggling too, and the kid has crazy will power to save up $100 over two years. The parents may not have the most money but I think they're doing a good job parenting 🙂

  • yeah blop

    As much as I like your site I gotta admit you have the shittiest video streaming. Can't you just link from youtube. I know the way it is now generates hits and views on your site but its just awful. 😦

  • VashStache

    Freakin dust everywhere. To make matters worse, someones cutting onions too.

  • Jordan

    And this is why my kids will be getting Lego sets. Companies like this deserve success.

    • Kenny

      I'm with you, every kid on my list to get presents for this year is getting legos.

  • Dave

    As hard as they fuck ya on the cost of that shit, they should give away more.

    • http://twitter.com/JustinYnolds @JustinYnolds

      You get what you pay for, Dave

    • simon

      A set that costs usd$50 in US will cost around usd$100 in the rest of the world, so don't complain!

  • Richard Phitzwell

    Awesome story and great people at Lego to make this happen. There are lots of good people out there doing good things!

  • http://www.facebook.com/phillip.wager.5 Phillip Wager

    as much as i am excited that this kid got a cool toy i am disappointed that the parents let him get so lusty over just one thing. it's just stuff. material things. family seems pretty shallow to have designer headphones, ipads, i am going to teach my kid that it is only stuff and to move on. Now that kid will just lust after another lego set and another until he grows out of them and then moves on to another collection of stuff.

    • LegoMyEggo

      You obviously don't have kids. Keep your proselytizing to yourself, you grouchy wet blanket of a douche bag.

    • Also a huge Lego fan

      I'm pretty sure that you had one toy that you wanted quite badly as a kid. The problem is, if you are anything like I was, that you likely just whined about it. This rad kid saved and passed up numerous other things only to find that what he wanted was no longer available. I applaud him and his parents, because if he can do that at 10, they have to be doing something right.

    • Brad Flevens

      Isn't a credit to his parents that they made him save up to buy the Lego set? Showing him how much time it takes to save up money to buy an expensive toy is a great thing. Kids will "lust" over toys. When you have kids Phillip, your kids will too.

    • Some Guy

      I know what you're saying, but if you noticed at the beginning of the video it's mentioned that he has Asperger's. The young lad would have decided that he wants that particular set, and became fixated on it.
      It's not like most kids, where they just just momentarily disappointed and find another Lego set instead. This boy would have had a very hard time coping with the idea that this set "just wasn't available anymore".

      • TommyD

        Not to mention they use Legos as a teaching tool for him to help with his Aspergers.

    • Woop

      you know how i know you're a know it all hipster

  • dreez

    Good PR for Lego

  • Jaymz

    What is this wet stuff dripping from my eyes? I think my eyes are bleeding or something. Great story, glad the kid got his train set. I was thinking, like what one of the other post stated, I see over $400 of an iPod at the end of the table and wonder why his parents didn't pony up the dough a year or 2 ago and just have him work it off? Maybe I'm just one of those parents that overly loves his kid by spoiling him, but I just love to see my son's eyes light up when he gets something before or after he works hard to pay me back for with chores. I'm not rich or anything, but damn if my kids happiness can be satisfied for 100 clams then you can bet your ass that I'll fine away to get him that item. Sorry for the novel, Keep Calm and Chive On

  • Bunny

    There is a good company in the corporate world afterall. Usually you only read about news like these:

  • cookit

    Santa Claus must work at LEGO, awesome

  • Danish Dynamite

    Proud to be a dane!!!

  • john

    Dawn ninja's and their onions

  • MonkeyMadness

    I'm amazed at the cost of Legos, IT'S MOLDED PLASTIC!! The Lego company can afford to give away some plastic bricks every now and then. They're pretty proud of their shit to charge that much.

    • Son_of_Mongo

      . . . Let's apply this logic elsewhere, for a second.

      * I shouldn't have to pay $40 dollars for shoes, they're just sewn together material!
      * I shouldn't have to pay $40,000 dollars on a decent home, it's just nailed together wood!
      * I shouldn't have to pay $2000 for a used car, it's just machined steel!
      * I shouldn't have to pay $1 for a small order of fries at the fast food joint, it's only fried potatoes!
      * I shouldn't have to pay $60 for a new game, it's only one little disc!

      See how silly you sound now? There are a lot more intricacies in manufacturing than just the materials.

      • MonkeyMadness

        *Legos aren't assembled, they're just molded bricks. I'm not saying they should be $1.00, they're just over priced.
        *Homes and cars take a lot of laborers to put them together. I'd like to know where you can find a $40,000 dollar house.
        *$1.00 for fries is a pretty good deal
        *You're a douche
        *You're a douche
        *You're a douche
        *and most importantly, you're a douche.

  • BigDave

    This isn't the first awesome story I've heard about LEGO going above and beyond. Good for everyone involved!!

    P.S. I still hate stepping on the damned things at 1:00 AM, but after seeing this I will hate it less.

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