• Cywasi

    I had a similar thing happen to me with Yo-Yo brand. The strings kept breaking on a few of my friends. They sent 1000 strings and a free yo-yo!

  • Seriously?

    That's so touching, when a giant multinational corporation sends free toys to rich children. Reading all these comments about how warm and fuzzy this makes most of you feel, no wonder we've ended up with the government representatives we have.

  • Lukas

    Where the hell is the finished picture? I WANTED TO SEE THIS MAGICAL TRAIN

  • @Aowyn77

    Damn sawdust…:'(

  • @SoCalChiver

    That was a great gesture from Lego…the little boy was beyond thrilled when he realized what the package contained. The sad part is, this is 1st world problems.

  • Jay

    Stolen video

  • Dom

    Did anyone else notice the kid is 10 and it says 14+ on the box.

  • madduncan

    As the parent of a child with Asperger's this is a great story. Moments like this come far to seldom. Congratulations to James for his determination, his parents for their commitment to their son and to Lego for changing many lives more than they could realize. KCCO

  • Edward Scott

    Dear Lego,

    I am missing the entire Star Wars lego set. Please send!
    A Loyal Chiver

  • OpportunisticChiver

    I have been saving over 2 years for my BFM T-shirt and nothing would make me happier than owning one. Sniff Sniff BTW

  • Guest :)

    Kids should always be happy!!

    WTG LEGO!!

  • Jason

    Why didn't the parents just buy him the $250 set once he made his goal of $100? Tough luck, it's $250 now, keep saving or write a letter to the company. Harsh lessons for a kid.

  • gingergreek

    Lego are an evil corporation that have a hatred toward feet. No amount of niceness can make up for the pain they have inflicted on the people who have been unfortunate enough to step on one of those cursed bricks!!


    PS their computer games are awesome too

  • balls&wieners

    this is just a single good deed by lego that received viral exposure, Lego does things like this all the time, on a daily basis! that set was discontinued, and believe it or not, that means that they don't have it anymore, that set came from a Lego employee who had it sitting in his basement, and was kind enough to give it away to this kid, not even thinking about what it's worth on ebay or amazon, it just goes to show you how this wonderful company can have an impact on it's employees!

  • ChristophersonofGray

    I was amazed how advanced the 10 year old's grammar, spelling and punctuation was in the letter he wrote to Lego, Inc. I know adults who write legal-type reports for a living who could not write that well, but I guess that says a lot about the adults that I work with…hmmm.

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