• blazindave

    BRAVO lego. kcco

  • Jeff

    Interesting fact about the Lego company. They completely and blatantly ripped off the design. After WWII, a salesman was demonstrating an injection molding machine to them using the mold from the guy who actually invented the blocks. They pressured the salesman to give them the mold too and they just started making the things. Eventually, after he was driven out of business and committed suicide, Lego bought the remains of his company. Then they sued Tyco for patent infringement.

    But, hey, nice video.

    • Woop

      and did you know white people enslaved black people and introduced the cold to the south americans thereby wiping most of the them out? But hey, nice civilization. You're an idiot.

      • Jeff

        It was the flu.

        And if the Lego corporation gave this kid's grandparents the flu, killing them, then your's would be a germane response. As it is, not so much

        • Woop

          the point that you're missing is that it's a long time ago. Get over it.

  • Ron

    Faith in humanity = restored.

    Chive on little dude or should I say, future engineer!

  • http://euroranger.wordpress.com/ Euroranger

    See, to me, this is a great example of how to do things right and it all works out for everyone. Corporations spend millions of dollars on ad campaigns to convince you to buy or keep buying their products. Lego here, for the cost of a box of bricks (which couldn't be more than maybe $5 total in terms of product and packaging costs) now has a very happy customer who will undoubtedly buy more of their product and, should he have kids of his own, likely continue to buy their products.

    What's more, although they couldn't have expected it, they get this entirely honest video of their making a kid's day…which will do much more for establishing the goodwill of their company than any dozens of slick marketing campaign commercials could do. And it hits the web just in advance of Christmas. If only ONE person decides to buy a Lego set for their kid for Christmas because this video tipped the scale in that direction then Lego is ahead of the game.

    Kid wins, Lego wins and everyone gets a dusty moment to boot. Good all around.

  • Rob

    Glad to see that Lego actually reads their mail and the people that run it are as awesome as the product! Happy Friday indeed

  • Tx gal

    Very awesome… (:

  • Erma Gerd

    After Dave NO Wheels Im always skeptical about these type of postings. I hope its true but there are some sick people out there.


    Erma Gerd

  • Ed_9128

    Love the result…but that boy, in fact, NO 10 YEAR OLD KID, could have written that letter.

    • Son_of_Mongo

      You'd be surprised.

    • BruceBruce

      He seemed to be able to read their return letter without too much trouble…even some challenged 10 years can read and write well.

  • Diego

    I've been crying alot lately, I'm starting to get concerned.

  • Spelling Police

    Why is it, every time I post a comment, it says "This comment has been deleted by the administrator?" I don't curse or say anything negative. Nothing posts.

    • Spelling Police

      Except this one, of course.

  • Will

    It's moment like this that I think about how relatively useless actual advertising can be. For the cost of one relatively cheap item, Lego gets (AND DESERVES) good press and PR. Good for them. Truly.

  • brian

    Lego is one of the best corporations I've ever read about, their customer service goes above and beyond.

    As to why they are expensive its because I'm under the impression that they have incredibly high work standards which jack up the price.

  • Stu Owen

    Well done, Lego. Well done.

  • Tomffmedic


  • Dave Fitz

    Great letter / video but as a designer I must say that the use of Comic Sans was hard to overlook!!

  • Not that it matters

    That box clearly says ages 14+…

  • jepabst

    title error

  • JAD

    Awesomeeeeee i wanna work for legoo.

    but seriously, was anyone else creeped out by the hidden camera?

  • Carnoculus

    My eyes are not dry anymore. Thank you.

  • marco

    Faith in humanity restored. Got me all teary eyed too frik. Good to go.

  • LesPaultard

    I vividly remember being this kid's age and sending a letter to a toy company when a favorite one broke. It was one of those football kickers you whack on the head and he kicks field goals. The company sent me a new one. I never forgot that, obviously, and this young man will remember Lego's generosity for the rest of his life.

    Good job, Lego.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cali.j.lutz Cali Jane Lutz

    Can't.stop.crying. I'm such a weenie!! Kudos to u lego my 2 year old loves u too!!

  • Red

    Way to go Lego. Way to show us how a responsible corporation works!

  • BallGag4X_Mas

    Thank god Friday mornings are so slow…no one saw me bawling at my desk lol This is awesome!

  • https://www.facebook.com/GregTheDiver Greg Kelly

    To the people asking about why there was a hidden camera set up, look at the box. In the first shot it was sealed with clear packing tape, but you can see that it was originally sealed with brown paper tape. His parents probably opened up the package (wondering why their 10 y/o son was getting mail in the first place), saw what it was, resealed it and set up the camera to record his reaction.

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