• Pete

    Like a boss.

  • memo

    nothing against the baby more towards the mom saying meow and woof, but that damn video always goes off and shit drives me crazy looking for it so i can turn it off

  • mike

    Does the audio indicate the kid in the light clothes was the bully? From body language and dress I would guess the winner was the bully, maybe the other kid started it this time but that doesn't mean it wasn't building up for past abuse. (Te winning kid did not seem like one who would get bullied)

  • Matt

    Lucky he didn't get knocked in the face when he turned around for a moment. Generally, a very stupid move.

  • Busternut

    "walk away" got that dude more respect than anything else. This must have been recorded with a Blackberry. Or a potato.

  • boofnasty

    still a better love story than twilight

  • dee1

    if i were the bully id say, "im just messing with you…frinends?"

  • Chad

    Was this filmed with a potato?

  • deadmanwalkin78

    I wonder what kind of toaster he used to film this…

  • Jonb

    Which guy was the bully. I don't get it

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