Hot Right Now: Shut up and take my money (16 Photos)

Cat Saturday (36 Photos)

  • Tara

    One of the best Cat Saturdays in a while!! 😀

  • TheJoeGreene

    Fuck you Mac you cocksucking pansy.

  • Omar

    #2 #5 #6 #8 #16 Damn… just had cuteness overload. Best Caturday ever

  • Sade

    #1 #18 LMAO! Cats are awesome ♥

  • tmzzz

    So cute! Thank you

  • Ottawa

    #15 is my buddy's cat, Bubba. I guess he crip walks every morning!

  • Canucks_Rule

    #36 – sounds about right.

  • Gallus

    #4 and #36 – My two kittehs get incredible mileage out of boxes. If they are not in them, they are on them. And they have a blast.

  • Ernie McCracken

    #7 Is that a squirrel?

  • JDog

    #15 looks like he's being pulled by a couple of strings…very mean 😦

  • bottom

    #3 bitch i am FABULOUS.

  • mitch

    #28 Go home cat your drunk

  • Brian Wanueka

    Awesome… Good ones!!!

  • JayhawkChivette

    #32 "Powdered doughnuts make me go nuts".

  • Kassie Hand

    Best one so far!

  • Nick

    Go Home Cat You Are Drunk.

  • rtwfdsa

    #33 Dog thinks *You brought me a whole carcass to eat?, Amazing*

  • rtwfdsa

    #30 People still drink Pepsi?

    • Lunch_Box

      People still make stupid observations?

  • staypufft80

    Adam Corolla was right. In fifty years, we'll all be chicks.

  • Christine

    Caturday got me into the Chive and this one is the best one ever. Thanks Chive!

  • VanCan

    #3: The humans are still unaware I am not a Christmas tree!
    #15: Hahah, what a freak

  • @Jessica_KCCO

    #1 is so freaking adorable! haha

  • tommytwotime

    #18 hahahahahaha!!

  • Adam Kent

    #29… FIND.. NOW

  • pandaberry

    #19 …shame on you cat

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