Female surfing is my kind of sport (42 Photos)

  • beasty

    I'd like to hang 10 with them. Five for each…..

  • btrips

    #34 you made my heart skip a beat

  • http://Baethosclothing.miiduu.com Baethos

    #42 find her.

    • Home and Away

      Samantha Weaving… Aussie actress

    • myles

      pretends to act in a shit aussie show home & away

  • chad

    Excellent post!
    All beautiful women
    Yeah, I really need to move to a nice beach area and learn to surf.

  • Steven

    #15 could be an older image then some of the people looking at it.

    • ImALoserBaby

      Boards look vintage!

  • emailhobo

    Has anyone here seen this gif ??

  • Ooobb

    #14 let's find her chive!!

    • Joe

      Jackie Perez, she does Crossfit!

  • Joe

    #1 no words….

  • sean

    Dougy great job bud

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.pilo.3 Mike Pilo

    #32 the things I would eat out of those asses

    • http://www.facebook.com/mike.pilo.3 Mike Pilo

      Lol I mean 12

  • Chan

    I've been waiting for a post like this for the longest time. Thank you so much Chive!!!!

  • PaddyPower

    Alana, Alana, Alana….

  • Redworm

    These all need to be HQ wallpaper sized!!!!!!!

  • Guest :)
  • tom green

    thats not very fun, when you shoot a cannon in your bum. i like to put my bum on things, its fun for everyonea!

  • Kodos

    She looks like a fun date.

    Sassy ass!

    • Gina

      #2 is a fun date haahha so rad thats me!!

  • CincyGuy

    #34. Sexy! Love those back dimples too!

  • Mark

    Hayle and Sierra Partridge #28
    Very sweet and nice girls

  • Paul

    Who is#42? Oh my Gawd!

  • Preston


  • 413chiver

    #26 for the win by a land slide

  • nayala

    #22 #26 #39 love Alana Blanchard! you need to do a post on her :]

  • mcleegs

    Alana Blanchard ….. ❤

  • Hunter

    I need to move to Hawaii and learn to surf.

  • svp

    thought #14 should be shown again

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