You’re gonna regret that tattoo (38 Photos)

  • ian

    i wanted to upvote you but I like it at 200

  • Busternut

    There are some fucking idiots in the world.

  • Bjizzle

    #2 is makeup

  • dougie

    #19 #22

    Christ! Two days in a row I lose my breakfast!

  • wtf

    Stupid is as Stupid does.

  • weezy baby

    #4 is my boy!! yes!! well done WILL!

    • dougie

      So, you are responsible for this part of the gene pool

  • Spelling Police

    #23 is wrong for so many reasons.

  • Guest

    #24 is pretty sweet. The face tattoos I just don't understand.

  • Whit

    Either number 33 photoshopped his left arm or he is the fapping champion of the world

  • drewdeze

    #5 and #25 please kill them right now

  • rack city

    #17… Really though?

  • Jack

    #24 is pretty fucking good

  • dogboner

    #21 this dude just won at 1999

  • Dayne

    Douche levels are dangerously high here

  • ibeginger

    #37 I really don't think he will regret any of it

  • Hannah

    How do these people find someone to do such terrible work on them! seriously! the "artwork" is horrible on all of these…

  • beams

    #26 nice tattoo brother!

  • Dot

    Please remove these people from the gene pool.

  • irons

    People are fucking idiots.

  • siuado

    #20 Spell check has already judged you!

  • siuado

    #1 A few more beers and that dolphin is going to look like a manatee.

  • Egon

    #9 is going to look like a big blob in 5 years.

  • Theresa

    #38- had no idea Hugo from Lost had a tattoo…i am secretly wishing that is actually a lady because they could be legit twins.

  • futurama fry

    #30 came with a label, so don't say you werent warned

  • VanCan

    #6: Perfect for Cat Saturday too!

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