The types of homes that dreams are made of (30 HQ Photos)

  • professor

    #8 and #23 are nice, however, i'm not a fan of the modern style of architecture . big fan of Victorian and Georgian .

  • Shoe

    These homes are lame. No character or color at all. Not for me!

  • Macro

    #8 all the way. I hate all that other ultra-modern crazy triangle crap

  • Jawbone

    #5 Really had to butcher some trees for the view, didn't they?

  • scamsensor


  • M3DBlue98


    This is definitely my style. Lakefront view with oversized windows.

  • Treybo1

    1 and done. #1 Spectacular. Thanks.

  • Benjamin Perlis

    I like #10 I've lived outdoors but whats the point of spending so much money on no walls? You can do it with a tend and some poles..

  • majorfathead

    While most of these are unarguably beautiful, they all seem a little cold and uncomfortable to me

  • von Mises

    ANYONE who owns ANY of these homes is any evil person who never earned anyhting they ever got in their life and should be forced to sell it off and give all the money to the gov't so Obama can take a $4 million holiday vacation. This is all about fairness, not jealousy or greed.

    -every f***ing liberal idiot

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