The types of homes that dreams are made of (30 HQ Photos)

  • Tillman61

    Some of these would be like living in an office building. However, I would have no problem at all with #8

    • Shackleford

      Yeah, that's the only one I liked.

    • Alumni72

      I was thinking along the same lines; houses, yes – homes, no way. None of them had any warmth or lived-in feeling apparent. They all looked like they were put together strictly to impress somebody. And what's with all the glass outer walls? Does whoever threw together this list have no desire for privacy? The converted church , maybe, but that place was the exact opposite of the concept of economy of space.
      A select few were possibilities as actual homes – #8, specifically, and #22 looked like it had some actual personal functionality behind its design. But the rest left me cold, feeling like I'd just leafed through the latest copy of Architectural Digest.

    • Nikolas

      This is actually in Grindelwald/Switzerland. You can rent it for holidays…

  • Admiral Ackbar

    It's a Trap!


    The Chive needs to post homes for the average person like us can afford!

    • House for you
    • Borky

      Yeah, and maybe they could post pictures of girls we could all stand a chance with.

      If I want to see a house I can afford, I'll go check out my living room.

    • Silverstone

      Take another look at #3 then. Anyone who thinks that is a dream home is doing too much cold pizza
      at 1:00 in the morning!

  • LaFleurism

    Does anyone poo in their hand and place it into the bowel in a public restroom to make less noise…..

    • YouMoron

      If you aren't clever enough to come up with something original, at least learn to copy someone clever properly. Bowl not bowel, you moron.

    • LaPoopism

      Ummm…no, butt I;ve done it in the tp towels from my bowels…poop from my bald and bleached winkin & spinktin whole

  • looking for new digs

    I'll take #17 and #27 please.

  • Gallus

    Most of the furniture in these photos looks as if it was designed for visual appeal only, not for comfort or actual use.

    By the way, what happened to the getting wasted gallery?

  • B Dub

    I like the rustic and inviting look of #8, but any of them would do with a natural…beautiful Chivette to share it with.

  • Brad

    #1 insta thought of Mel Gibson. Is that weird?

  • N2MotoX

    I could have had one of these had I won the last POWERBALL for a half Billion!!!!

  • tarp

    #20 fapleroy

  • just sayin

    Is it just me or does the pool in #4 look like Lance Armstrong's package?

    • WileEOne

      I think you're off your nut…

      • OneBall_TwoStrikes

        He's got a point… it is rather eunuch…

        • Hrdwood

          Did you mean unique? Sorry… didn't mean to cut you off…

  • Noah

    psh, my house is way bigger than these…… minecraft.

  • Thoridin58

    I could live in a house like these if I had an extra 1 or 2 million dollars laying around. How about showing exceptional houses that the average person might actually be able to own.

  • Tiber_Septim

    #5 is this California house earthquake proof? sends shivers up my spine

  • Dave

    I'll take #8 in the mountains please

  • OhioChiver

    #27 Rustic minimalistic look. I liiiike.

  • chivester

    it appears you haven't made it until you can live in a square box

  • Crim

    too much wood to re-stain, too many windows to wash, too many open rooms so mosquitoes come in.

    • Bill

      hire some naked chivettes to stain wash swat and massage

    • irons

      Way too many windows. Just what I need is some asshole with a telescope watching my wife/daughters dress and shower.

  • torontobackgroundgirl

    #12 makes me think of some sort of Mars colony house.

  • Dork Nerdson

    These are all god-awful buildings.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #6 – that is a sick reno.

    • lala

      i like the sheep

  • Tedz

    Beatiful house !!! But money is scarce ….

  • OneClownShoe

    #8 I wonder how many spiders live in that firewood.

    • markkens

      You live there, your firewood comes steam-cleaned.

    • Jawbone

      All of them do.

  • Texas contracter

    i would not want any of these. please chive, stop putting neo-modern architecture on your site. It is ugly, overly expensive, has no character, and the resale value is crap. I would take a french chateau, a spanish villa, or a Mediterranean house any day over these hideous glass boxes hippies call architecture. If you're from chicago why not draw inspiration from your own city's architecture? It is some of the best in the world…

    • Shoe


    • duder

      thats a lot of whining to be wasting your time on, think you could have been working towards ur non-awesome, ugly, overly expensive, home without character.

  • Arch student

    Can a chiver give me some informations about #5 please?

    • irons

      You would go broke trying to heat that toy house.

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