• Comeon

    COME ON!!!

  • BigtotheD

    I thought DMX was still in jail?

    • Sam

      No he has been out since late 09 he just has been doing mix tapes and he says he should be putting out albums again sometime after this month

      • TDB

        He put out an album on 9/11 this year called Undisputed.

  • shootmenow

    Thanks for ruining Xmas DMX. You Sir are awful at life.

    • Yo Momma

      By all means tell us how many rap albums you've dropped in your career…

    • teabag17

      this website is for chivers not haters

      • ps86

        there's a difference between hatin and rippin

    • bingo

      X gon' give it to ya for Christmas.

  • tyron

    I bet he's spent more Xmas' in jail that out.

    • BamBam

      I bet you spend more time sassing than not

  • Cracka_ass_cracka

    Slow day at theCHIVE offices, it would seem..

    • teabag17

      DMX will rip off chuck norris's arm and bitch smack you with it

  • forty

    I just threw up my breakfast. Please flush next time you post Mac, this one fucking sucked.

    • AKA

      "I hate black people"

      • Dylan

        Get your head out of your ass. Just because he's black doesn't mean he's awesome. Just because someone doesn't like him doesn't mean it's because he's black.

        • ps86

          someones gonna pull the race card at some point, never fails

    • Reef

      ya know what "YOU SUCK"

  • Murph

    Fra-Gee-Lay ….. It must be Italian.

  • sfb101

    Ummm, yea, sure. What am I doing with my life…

  • rmx386

    This is what I imagine Odysseus heard when he stumbled upon The Sirens. It's angelic.

  • voonoo

    i like the dmx mixed with the reading rainbow on youtube better

  • Alex

    Surprised he didn't bark, but at least we got a "WHAT!?"

    • The_Dood

      Exactly what I was thinking.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ruben.hinojosa.562 Ruben Hinojosa

    That was awesome thanks Mac. Everyone sucks at life that comments with stupid shit. Again you are privlaged to have a team willing to update everyday all of the time. I laughed.

  • Salt

    And by "reindeer games" he meant fights where money is wagered or dice.*

    *No reindeer were harmed during the filming of this video.

  • tflo

    guide my sleigh*

    • Babam

      You must forgive him, he's Jewish.

  • What

    DMX is the shit.

    • ps86

      let's not get carried away

  • Slav

    Cocaine's a hell of a drug

  • Kator

    DMXmas Carols

  • ABQChiver

    That was pretty cool. And the fact that sonny Chivers are making such shitty remarks about DMX is really upsetting. I always assumed the people that KCCO are open minded. Many of you aren't apparently.

  • Grizzle64

    Had potential, but this video was woefully disappointing. Come on Mac, you can do better than this, buddy.

  • Jon

    rofl that was awesome

  • nojoke420

    No barking = DMX fail

  • Thud

    C'mon guys. It's fun… Least it's not about him f*cking up and going all Lohan or something…

  • Dane

    DMX is the shit!

  • Jouhker

    DMX is great! Who cares what he has done with his life? He isn't my life coach. Michael Jordan is not a great role model either ,but he was a fucking baller in his time too.

    Judge not, or you should be judged first!

    • lawnguyland

      *Lest you be judged first but nice attempt

    • Who?

      Pretty sure Jordan is still a baller in every sense of the word. Good point none-the-less though.

  • Macgyver

    If he put out a Christmas album I'd buy it! Plus I'm sure he would get the Hoe Hoe Hoe down pretty well!

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