• Dan

    From Crack to Carols and back again!

  • steve-O

    this is so badass! haha

  • mark

    "and the there was x-mas"

  • Jeremy

    When rap was actually rap

  • Canucks_Rule

    more talent in his pinky than lil wayne, waka flocka, tyga, and other so-called "rappers" combined.

  • Kurt Valberg

    Yet another reason why most rappers shouldn't sing. Even DMX can't carry a tune.

    Oh, wait. They don't sing. They just talk to the beat.

  • nayala

    "WHAT?!" haha man this guy is still dope.

  • Nameless

    DMXMAS. He definitely nailed it.

  • Miles Long

    Where my Dawgs at!?!?!

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  • CD3

    im surprised he knew the lyrics

  • wyatt

    When did the chive's community become so violent and hateful? You knew what the video was when you clicked it so please try not to be a dick. It must be difficult to find and post new material everyday. It can't all be great material and this was probably posted so we could laugh at it. Also it was posted by Mac… we all know he "tries".

  • @tonytouch24kt

    This. Is. Amazing.

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  • doctorcrowe

    "Nah, nah – I know the lyrics!"

  • Ceara Reed

    This was the first time I have ever felt a little threatened into singing along with this song. "C'MON, C'MON!"

  • black

    Im from yonkers… cAnt dispute the fact that dmx is a great rapper that made some mistakes .
    Hes been out of the spotlite for a minute then for shits & giggles he free styles a classic x.mas song that not to mention was clean i thought is was pretty sick….it had my head nodding …..i would like to see him back in the studio doin his thing. Current hip hop is WACK!!!!!!!!

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