Bill Murray has a new movie coming out. Here’s the trailer. (Video)

It’s called, “A Glimpse inside the Mind of Charles Swan III,” and it may or may not be about Charlie Sheen, who’s the other star. Either way, it looks pretty crazy, pretty awesome, and pretty full of BFM.

  • BillFuckingMurray

    It'd be nice to see Murray Christmas make a cameo.

  • Chiver

    looks stupid

  • Bram Heus

    WOW, finally something to look forward too!!!

  • pufffdragon

    What the f%@k did I just watch

    • Billy

      Hey at least it's original. Original what I have no idea.

  • Tim

    Check out @3:00 for a Murray Christmas look!

  • ChristophersonofGray

    Looks awesome

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