• The_Dood

    Oh please tell me more!
    How do I get people to like the comments I leave with my intense debate account? That number next to my name is the only thing that's important to me in the whoooole world!

  • Kato

    This is what Stewie and Brian sound like to Peter and Lois.

  • Pete

    Wow. Too many 'experts' commenting here. Dog simply having fun mimicking the baby, as these breeds often do. Dogs are completely capable of recognising a baby as a baby/cub, only a loner-outsider dog not fit for a place in a pack would see a baby as a threat and 'challenge' it.

    Plus the dog's tail and body language clearly shows it's enjoying itself.

    • Hurricane Harri

      Hardly, the dog knew that the master was in the hallway, he was looking there from the beginning of the video. Every time the baby started up the dog interrupted and looked at the master. Clear sign of wanting attention over the baby. Yes, right now, the dog recognizes the "cub" but when that "cub" gets older, pack mentality will take over. All dogs think in a pack mentality, there is an Alpha male, Alpha female and the list goes downward to the lowest dog on in the pack. Hierarchy is the only thing they know and they will fight to preserve or gain their status. Whether it be for food, attention, or sitting/sleeping position on couch/bed.

      • Alex

        So what? its not less funny to watch. As long as the master knows about pack herarchy and makes sure to not les the kid with the dog unsupervised, there won't be any problem. Its the master's duty to make sure that the dog knows his place in the pack.

  • rodney

    Why do they keep talking over each other?

  • PsY

    I think the dog just wants the kid to STFU

  • Alx

    Dog: why is this baby screaming at me?
    Baby: whaawhaaaaaawhaaaaaaa!
    Dog: won't you do you job as a parent?

  • Harleyxx

    It's all fun and games until that dog gets tired of the shrill noise and bites the kids face off.

  • Cody

    This was the dumbest Chive post I have ever seen. How is this mind blowing? They are both making a bunch of fucking noises. What about that turkey video where the guy goes "gobble gobble" and all the turkeys start gobbling, was that mind blowing for you Bob?

  • Sefta

    That dog is so holding back from biting that baby's face off. you can see it in his face!

  • @andrewjamesii

    The uprising of what exactly?

  • Nick

    You guys obviously have no idea about the Husky breed.. this is not a dog being mean or getting pissed off.. this is normal talking back behavior that they do.. they respond to each other to keep in contact with the pack.. the baby is part of that pack.. they will have full conversations like this constantly..

    • Brad

      Nick is correct. I have husky and it does the same thing to my other dog or even adults.

      • Kayci

        I have 2 half malamutes and they do the exact same thing. Not so much now that they are older but man they loved talking up a storm when they were young!

    • Debbie

      My husky does the same! He plays rough with adults, but is gentle as can be around children. He is very protective of babies.

  • Lyle

    At some point near the end it seems they are in a heated discussion. Awesome dog, I love huskies. So loyal, they are just having fun. The dog is all like keep calm bro.

  • dude

    Yeah that video was only 2min to long…

  • northerner

    Loved it. OK, for those who have owned a Husky, you know that Huskies do that. Our old Husky would "sing" along with my wife when she'd play her piano. And he was nearly on key. He'd do it regularly. It's the Husky way. Our Husky was great with our infant and toddler sons and grew up with them. He was "#1 Son" if you could have asked him. He was #1 in the family pecking order. Also typical Husky. We never were afraid of having him around our sons. Yes, anything is possible with any animal. Haven't heard of Huskies being dangerous. As with ANY animal, so much of it has to do with the environment they are raised in. If they are raised in a hateful and aggressive environment, they will exhibit the same. This is a wonderful vid. Brings back so many pleasant memories of our Husky.

  • Qwixel


  • Josh


  • Kayci

    This makes me laugh. Malamutes and Huskies are known to do this. I have half Malamutes and they are constantly "yodeling" (that's what we have decided it sounds like to us). I guess you could say they are communicating. Mine do it when they are excited or when I ask them if they are hungry. Scares my family that comes to visit us though cause they also have a low tone one that sounds like they are growling but they really aren't. It's fun. This was super cute! I do think the dog was trying to say "get this kid away from me or shut it up though". Too funny! Thanks for sharing!

  • boob_cuddler

    What kind of dog is that? Looks like its ancestor, the wolf.

  • horrigann

    The dog was vying for the attention of the owners. Most dogs will do this and that's what makes larger breeds more dangerous – when they get jealous or territorial and attack.

    Anyone who owns a Husky, Malamute, Pitt, or Rottweiler is a total asshole. I wish the worst on them.

    • rebecca

      You are incredibly ignorant. Huskies and calamities are NOTHING like pitifully or other dangerous breeds. Huskies have never been known for protecting/guard behaviours, and they never get violent (unless trained to be so). Maybe read up on your dog breeds before making statements that are completely wrong. Not to mention that ALL huskies talk like this. I trained mine to do it when he's hungry or needs to go outside. He'll, he tells me stories sometimes.
      In short, you're the asshole.

      • rebecca


    • Red

      I think you are around idiot number 5 or 6 but I'm not sure. Please keep your retardation to yourself : )

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    Great. Another girl that will think animals talk and are just like people.

  • Canucks_Rule

    giving orders to one of his minions.

  • cdnalor

    Is that dog wearing eye-liner?

  • FrankFuror

    I learned quite a bit from this video, like how apparently a lot of Chivers are afraid of dogs. Wouldn't have guessed it.

  • sumkidd28

    1:35-1:40 freaked me out a little…demonic dog.

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