Failure is not an option: Find Her (38 Photos)

  • IrishInNJ

    #37 "Wonderful to relate". Saved you all a Google translation.

    And she's gorgeous.

    • JoeShmoe99

      That's the literal translation, but it's usually used just to say "wonderful" or "amazing"

      • IrishInNJ

        Then they would be wrong. "Dictu" means to "tell" or "relate to"….as in dictate.

        • JoeShmoe99

          Which is why I said that, literally, your translation is right. But the meaning of the term is "wonderful" or "amazing."

          • IrishInNJ

            Well I guess we're both right. And everyone else is wrong. Ad victorem ire spolia.

            • Jacob

              No Irish, You are wrong. JoeSmoe is more right that your dumbass. In the during the roman empire this was the equivalent of saying 'its a miracle'

              • IrishInNJ

                Were you there? Dope.

                • Sh0gun

                  only thing, it's a .22 or 9mm gun, not .223…

                  • sowasred2012

                    OK. I don't think anyone was even debating that, but OK.

                  • Gunsmith

                    sorry wrong. look at the magazine well. too large for a .22. and they dont make 9mm in an AR-15

                    • Aaron

                      There are 9mm uppers for AR-15s but lets not miss the point that she is hot.

                    • Mikey

                      check out S&W M&P 15/22 looks just like that rifle and it is a .22, magazine is standard size of a .223 but made for a .22. Very fun guns to shoot. More importanly she is hot!

                  • KAFman

                    Please explain where you came to that conclusion from.

                    The only thing I can see are the mags on the front of her vest… which could belong to her sidearm.

              • quailman8907

                In the during. lol

                • Peeps

                  First off she is way hot and that is a sweet ass .223 rifle. Great Pic!!

                  • Wordy Bird

                    It's on safe. She couldn't keep me on safe if she tried.

    • nate33uc


      • echogeo

        "Holy Cantaloupes Batman!"

    • bdg

      #33 I have a boner and it wont go down!!!!
      #14 #16 and obviously #1 Beautifully made!!!!!

      • sowasred2012

        #1 is Katharina Wien

    • weaksauce

      her gun has no magazine, and those magazines on her vest are for a pistol.

      • Derpin

        Gee, and I thought it was a legit sot of a special forces woman.

      • dutch

        right, b/c you clearly don't know what a 3 gun competition is. need those pistol mags too. after a round, you clear your gun. dipshit.

    • NoodlumNad

      doesnt matter what it means i read dictu and she is someone i would definately not mind giving my dictu.

      • Spooby

        For the win…

        • Retired not Retaaard

          Such a cunning linguist!

          • goatpunch


    • Kasey

      That would be the beautiful Nikki Raye. And yes that is her .223 AR-15.

    • Kasey

      Nikki Raye.

    • miles

      her name is molly buck.. from here in austin. am i too late?

  • Just sayin'

    #23 YUP!

    • Jim


      • Geezer

        Normally I'd say hitch her to the plow and get her in the fields, but damn, that one is delicious

    • B Dawg

      I think her name is Waldo.

    • Open your mind bro

      Holy shit!! That dude with the "plow and field" comment has never been laid by a Latin women… Almost feel sorry for you…

    • john

      dont need to see another fatass wannabe kim kardashain on here.

    • beeeham

      she's @gissydoll on instagram

  • Joe

    Finding #16 is crucial to my existence.

    • Professor Squeegee

      First time Chivette in Blue, have a heart and save Joe's existence.


      • guesty

        her name is monica 🙂

      • jonathan

        Her name is della dream, definitely not monica haha her twitter is here

    • Kristen

      You're pretty fucking pathetic.

      • cunt

        And ur a jealous cunt

    • Jeff

      We're you a UW husky?

  • mike


    yes first!!! melissa debling

    • DUH

      Uh no, that would be Courtney Stodden

      • Duh Uh

        uh no. Melissa Debling

      • "duh"

        dumb as fuck lol

      • Wow

        Just googled Courtney stodden, there is a good chance you are retarded, they look nothing alike

      • Dr. Evil

        Dude, seriously, you just insulted that girl by thinking that she was Courtney Stodden!

    • MattyDeuce

      she has been found about 9347 times

      • Thror

        And she bites her lip in Every. Damn. Picture. ever taken of her. Not that I really mind. But it's a giveaway.

  • steamroll'd

    #11, she's in austin texas

    • Mike Hunt

      Yeah she looks dumb as hell, would still hate fuck the shit out of her.

      -OU grad

      • gradaddy

        by the looks of that shirt, she probably likes women.

        – TX A&M grad

    • adear11

      It may not be her, but she bears a striking resemblance to Heather Morris (Brittany from Glee).

    • 1_eye

      She is amazing!!

    • 650

      kinda looks like she had a golfing accident

    • Trenters

      Looks photo shopped to me….her body is extremly tanned versus her ultra pale face….

    • Rubberbandman

      tht is the most fucked up body i've evr seen…do not find

  • Steve

    Ummm #3. Who art you?

    • yeah!!

      Camille Rowe

      • Steve

        I don't believe u

  • Mike Hunt

    #8 Sweet baby jesus, I hope this is the start of many moar to come.

    • Mike Hunt

      Too bad in my office the average butt is two of hers.

      • bkimms

        she would cause moar to come

    • Andy

      Moar please……

    • northerner

      OK Chive, 64 of us agree, you must do a "Tight Dress Slacks" post and she's the poster girl for it! That is so awesomely gorgeous of her. Wow.

      • The World

        This motion is seconded

        • bAstiOn

          I third…ed the motion

  • nappy

    #5 danica #35 debbie British models

    • Kodos

      Danica Thrall and Melissa Debling

  • Cracka_ass_cracka

    All day

    • nate33uc


      • Brad

        Almost looks like jessfitts on instagram. She looks too innocent tho and Jess doesn't.

    • Pretty Sure

      that's Morgan Bailey nsfw

      • Someguy

        you're a faggot.

      • zgl

        troll. morgan bailey is tranny…i found out the unfortunate way 😦

    • camboslice

      Looks like Rachel Roxx

    • Ouboet

      Lévai Adrienn is her name. Showing her boobs on Google Image Search is her game.

      • Dano

        Not even close. Dont ever become a detective…

    • Want300

      MOAR!!! She is SOOOO FINE!

  • lol

    #1 by the power of grayskull find her!!

    • Xen002

      Katharina Wien

      • lol


      • drewplp

        Well done, sir.

    • Cmp

      Katharina Wien

      • Jack Wagon

        In case you missed it the first, second or even the third time… Katharina Wien

        • what

          who is this person? #1

    • tony


  • Duh

    #38 dani

    • Solitaire

      MOAR of her please! What a body!

    • hi there

      dani who?

      • SeaBiscuit

        Dani Daniels

        • Bluto

          Wierd. She looks like she still has a soul in this picture.

      • Smilez61888

        Dani Daniels =porn star

    • KRS1

      Dani California? Or DaniTheGirl singing songs to me under the marquee?

  • steamroller'd

    #14. richardddd…..looook……big boobies in a little braaaa.

    • theWizz

      if it fits, it ships

    • no thanks

      can you say sloppy & floppy hangers??

    • Mr. Callahan

      richarddddd, whats happening???? in my pants!!!!!

    • because_boobs

      Richard? She looks good for a Richard!

      • mynameis

        Because squishy!

    • maxnutter

      Holly Peers, British Page 3 girl…

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    #8 for the good of mankind, do your best…

    #21 #22 make me glad to be a man. what examples of the female "form"…


    • Boredguy Dave

      #22 cam girl Mia Fever nsfw

      • zgl

        troll. mia fever is another tranny and i, yet again, found out the unfortunate way.

      • goatpunch

        The sad thing is you "hilarious" folks who keep making this "awesome joke" have to sit around looking up trannys. Do you really think you've won something? hmmmmmm

    • @SoCalChiver
  • John

    #32 is Leanna Decker!

    • Canada

      She needs her own post

    • Oneupper

      The reason why google images was created.

      • Anthony

        Perfection! Look up her Tumblr account…A-MA-ZING!

  • E Tex

    #21 Wow

    • Want300

      #21 must be found!

  • B Dub

    I agree! We need a dress pant post for sure! #8 is incredible!

    • anervusguy

      Agreed. Especially pin striped dress pants!

      Get it done Chive!!

      • SLy_C

        All in favor?

        • Desmond


        • J_Ace


          • And

            Aye Aye Aye x10000000000000000

    • Alc


  • jason

    #4 brooklyn decker

  • Berry

    #35 I'm pretty sure is Bree Olsen

    • Josh

      Melissa debling or however her last name is spelt

    • Woop Woop!

      False, Melissa Debling

    • pudge

      thinking that was bree olson… lose your man card

      • skyler

        hahahahahahahahaah nice pudge!!

  • sfb101

    #22 #27 Please find me!

  • Boobs

    #8 has an amazing ass.

  • Dylan

    #4 Nina Agdal
    #5 Danica Thrall
    #10 Alana Blanchard
    #14 Holly Peers
    #32 Leanne Decker
    #35 Melissa Debling

    • IrishInNJ

      #1 Katherina Wien

      • don't know shizzz

        You two must have really strong forearms and a good memory

        • what

          one is MUCH stronger than the other for some reason

  • Professor Squeegee

    #20 Is Melissa Giraldo.. Nom~nom~nom~.

  • willabrad

    #4 is Nina Agdal, #10 is Alana Blanchard and #32 is Leanna Decker

  • anervusguy

    #8 – A dress pants post would make an excellent weekly addition to the Chive. Especially pin striped dress pants.

    • George Zip

      Damn straight; what anervusguy said.

      • GB58

        Agree chivetes in business casual office attire would be a nice addition.

  • Tyler Rauch

    #29 son of zues she is gorgeous!!

    • Carl

      Have you checked at the local Middle School?

      • Tyler Rauch

        its not a Felony to say shes gorgeous last time i checked

        • ttyl hef

          nope – not a felony. just super creepy!

          • Whale

            Yep…head on back to your windowless van, creeper.

            • Tyler Rauch

              dont own a van… now what do i do

            • duder

              gay much??

    • @LFGD1978

      If this guy is creepy for saying that this girl is cute or whatever the Chive is creepier for posting the picture and ask people to "Find Her" its just simple logic.

      • weelee


    • Bent Stick

      Who the hell is zues???

      • Tyler Rauch

        god i love this site

        • Norse God Meme

          I see what you did there…

    • ElChippy

      Underage? Perfect!

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