Model train offers an amazing tour of the Canadian countryside (18 HQ Photos)

SOURCE: Jeff-Friesen

SOURCE: Jeff-Friesen
Via Twistedsifter

  • comments to go

    the shots that work (there are only a few) are the ones that make it look like a real train…when the train's placed beside a leaf or on a branch that shows its scale than it looks lame.

  • Tyler Durden

    What a hoser!

    • SLy_C


      • BillyTheKid

        No doat aboat it!

  • MUpde

    Hey CANADA: 2 words — Justin. Bieber.

    • SLy_C

      You mean that multi-platinum selling artist contributing to your economy?

      You're welcome.

      PS – Rebecca Black

      • MUpde

        I'm pretty sure our economy would survive without him. He's just a little shit.

        • Bob Wong

          You might want to check your debt to China.

  • ohcanada

    first couple of pictures I was convinced that that was totally a regular sized train… 😐 derp

  • Mattas

    Where are the Trailer park boys at?

  • Canada ROCKS

    Actually, since the dissolution of the former Soviet Republic, we (Canada) are now THE largest country in the world. Get it right ill-informed 'Mericans…..

    • Brett

      No, we are not. Russia is still bigger than Canada.

      • Canada ROCKS

        WRONG Brett. Go back to the US. Check the stats wanker

        • Facepalm

          WRONG Dumbass. Brett is right

          Russia17,098,24211.5% Asia /EuropeLargest country in the world. Encyclopaedia Britannica (EB): 17,075,400 km²
          Canada9,984,6706.7% America, NorthLargest country in the Western Hemisphere. Longest coastline. EB: 9,984,670 km²

    • Actual Canadian

      I would like to apologize to the Americans for my retarded Canadian friend here. Unfortunately its still illegal to drown our mentally incapable.

  • Gpa Bob

    #14 Am I the only one that sees Stewie Griffin in the top left?

    • SLy_C

      Not anymore you're not…

  • Canadian Chiver

    #4 #8 looks like an episode from trailer park boys

  • @MissShanks

    These are awesome. My county is pretty fantastic on its own, but the fact that is beautiful makes me love it even more 🙂

  • maggie

    man I'm retarded…for the first 4 pictures I thought it was a real train….didn't read the description or anything
    anyways great post!

  • katie

    #2 is drumheller Alberta!

  • Hippie Hipster Not

    This cool until you realize you've been owned by the Swayze Express, 'cause it was built with "legal" parts and shit.

  • Smells

    What happened to the cigarettes sebastien bach?!?!

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