These people actually exist (30 Photos)

  • GoBeavers

    #7 Is that a gunt?

    • crustybubblechunks

      What's larger than a moose knuckle?

      • Static

        Hippo Lips?

        • El Diablo

          Lolz ^^ Hippo Lips, my thought exactly.

    • jess

      front butt

    • cweed

      Is it a FUPA?

      • Slobbs

        One camel toe to rule them all..

        • Kate

          That ain't no camel toe, that's a fuckin moose knuckle!!!!

    • Mat


  • 50/50

    #23 Nikki Minaj, is that you?

    • LeO

      Lmao this one looks skinny

    • hqchiver

      What do you get when you cross a giraffe and an oompa loompa?

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #4 "Kiss me, or I'll crush you"

    • Handjob Murphy

      Oh, but what a show that would be.

    • Dover

      Me Master,she Blaster

    • AnyoneForCoffee


    • keithp420

      "Let's rock" – Al Bundy

    • AMJ

      It puts the lotion on its skin

    • nods

      you suck. go back to setting fires, you fuckin jackal.

  • sfb101

    #6 Wasn't me man.
    #18 It's a nice day for a goth wedding.
    #28 Man, that has to stink…

    • MylesofStyles

      The chick with cigarette butt necklace is fucking disgusting…head and shoulders above the rest.

  • Roger

    This shit can't be unseen – – holy fuck….

  • @LosTorre

    #17 fuuuuck, im done with the Internet today. And it's only 2pm!

    • What

      LOL so who's gonna wash my car!!!

    • bob

      i really wish some people would stop using up all the good oxygen and just dig them selves a hole and die

      • what

        sounds like a waste of a perfectly good hole

  • razz

    #23 woah nikki manaj lost weight

  • Ba Durr

    #11 is real, and he's pimptastic!!

  • EvilDungbeetle

    Their parents must be so proud.

  • Tillman61

    #3 It looks like Sean Connery lost a bet…

  • socalmarti

    #11 "Big pimpin' dressed like cheese…"

    • Lazy Jake

      more like big bird.

  • scaggnettii

    SNU SNU!

    • Fry

      No snu snu! No!

      • what

        oh yes
        death by snu snu #4

  • Porkins

    OMG, she ate Jared #19

    • Gonz

      $5.00 fat ass.

    • Man

      I want her to sit on my face.

  • skitch

    #10 it puts the lotion on its skin

    • Earl

      I don't get it??

      • Derek

        or else it gets the hose again, Joe Dirt

  • tv_paul

    #11 Which way to the Huggybear Convention?

  • passwordistaco

    Worst part about a D.U.I.? No silly, it isn't the jail time or the thousands of $ in fines. It's the fucking bus. #8

    • Stick

      I would have guess it's the willingness to potentially kill someone, but that's just me…

      • passwordistaco

        Sorry, my mistake. The holier than tho fucking assholes so quick to judge, probably a bible thumping toddler fondler. Even better he probably sent his comment from rush hour traffic. That's got to be the worst part.

        "Stick" it up your mother's cunt you fuck.

  • The_Hellequin

    #7 That's one massive moose knuckle!

    • passwordistaco

      A moose knuckle is a dick. Unless that's what you were going for…..

      • El Diablo

        Ummm no, it's not a dick.

        • passwordistaco
          • Doh

            Ya….go down that article a little buddy.

            • passwordistaco

              Do you even see the votes to the right? (basically means Good/Bad or……. Accurate/Not) Never mind ya'll can circle up and rock out with your cocks out, admire the moose knuckles!

    • mshark

      That thing has it's own zip code

  • tv_paul

    #20 Planet of the Elvis Apes

    • nws_75

      That dude lives in San Antonio…I see him downtown all the time. He will stand motionless in restaurants and trick people into thinking he's a mannequin. He rides a pretty killer bicycle.

  • Shabooms

    #19 FOOTLONG!! Whose goT the FOOTLONG!?

  • runswithbeer

    Hey Paula made it to a post #7

  • futurama fry

    Don't even know what to say

  • zackgonick

    I can't even narrow down which are the craziest pictures! They are all complete WTFs of epic proportions!!!

    I don't even know what's right anymore…

  • runswithbeer

    #7 Thats not a camel toe it's a camel face!

  • Way

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

    • fymtge

      The creepiest part is I'm not sure I can tell if some of the are supposed to male or female…

  • Hummus

    #21 My eyes..

    • KUJhawklaw

      That looks like when the Incredible Hulk busts out of his jeans.

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