• Beth Bigtitties

    Holy Jesus!!! He must use the weight of his massive balls to swing himself!!

    • BillyBob

      Beth, you sound like my kind of gal!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dkarges Dane Alexander

    Just crapped myself, thanks.

  • Ander


  • Nick

    I would love to climb El Capitan, but not so sure if I would have the balls to do that…. pretty epic.

  • Joel

    add it to the bucket list, that special part of the bucket list you save for when you have a mid-life crisis or the last one you save cause you're thinking "oh this one gonna get me killed"

  • Dastard Lee

    This fits firmly in between the categories of "No Thank-you" and "Go Fuck yourself"

  • wild bill


  • majorfathead

    It's all fun and games til somebody puts an eye out

  • tdr

    There was a guy who used to be famous for doing these roped dives from bridges.

    Used to be.

    You get it, I'm sure.

    • random

      Dan Osman.

    • greg

      And he did them off of cliffs.

  • Patrick

    I suddenly remembered I left the oven on at home…..

  • GuntherSquirrel

    Fuck… that

  • JSJ

    Am I the only one that thinks it looks like fun?

    • ThunderKCCO

      yes, it appears you are. Consider therapy

    • http://www.facebook.com/anthony.hall.982 Anthony Hall

      I'll go to therapy with you after we do this shit brotha!

    • millcitygeorgie

      i would love to do this

  • misschris

    Holy shit that must've been a rush! That made my stomach do a lil somersault

  • Canucks_Rule

    think i peed a lil.

  • Alex

    Wait for the drop.

  • Karl_the_third

    He is so lucky not to have his brain matter all over 'El Capitan'

  • Thrall


  • CalculatedRisk

    Sweaty. Ass. Palms.

  • thom

    How often do our tax dollars get spent flying emergency crews out there to rescue these dumbasses?
    Yes, it takes a lot of balls to do that climbing but then when you just spit in the eye of common sense, you will kind of get what is coming to you.

    • Observationalist

      It's called park fees and I'm sure these guys have paid more of them than the average person so they are covered.

      • Frank

        A typical rescue with a helicopter for YOSAR costs approximately $4000. There was something like 1.5 million dollars spent on rescues from 2000 to 2004. And yes its coming from taxpayers. Also you're an idiot.

    • Rexryan

      There would be no emergency crew needed if this went wrong, just a clean up crew…

  • Hallface

    I thought I was witnessing a dead for a sec there. Crazy bastard! Am I'm sorry but I agree with JSJ, I'd do it!

  • yeye

    fuck. that. shit.

  • PoorDawg
  • rbo

    I used to climb. Too old and fat now. I remember reading about a world famous climber who did this type of stuff solo in the 90s. He died when his rope melted through.

    The ropes stretch. When they stretch, they generate heat. A long fall on the full length of the rope can generate enough heat to melt the rope.

    Just stupid. Hope they have sense enough to throw that rope away.

    • greg

      The rope didn't melt. He had a series of pulleys set up to absorb the impact and the rope snapped when it ran over the wrong side of the pulley system. His name was Dan Osman.

      • Dale

        Neither. After part of the rope was recovered and examined by Chris Harmston of Black Diamond, he concluded that the retrieval line and jump line crossed, causing a knot to slide down one of the ropes. The friction metled the sheath and subsequently the core of the rope.

        The whole rope stretch generate heat thing simply isn't true.

  • Ryan

    The guy everyone is mentioning who died doing things like this was Dan Osman, and the rope burned through because it got entangled with another rope, and when it stretched, cause friction and then melted (which is his fault). Plus he didn't properly maintain his gear. Basically, Dan is dead because of his own error, not because of the gear. This Porch Swing, is done with 1 rope on an anchor and on an overhanging cliff, which basically means the rope won't catch on any rock and cut, and won't rub against any other rope causing unnecessary and dangerous friction. What he did is actually very safe….it's just scary as fuck.

    Oh and to give you an idea of how crazy Dan Osman was, check out this video:

    • greg

      Thanks for actually knowing what you're talking about. I always hate seeing climbing videos online and reading all the comments from non-climbers who don't have a damn clue how the sport works.

  • RI Chiver

    I don't know what was worse the hershey squirt after watching this or the pee while reading some of the comments. I think i might be stupid enough to try this once. This guy has got balls…..good for him.

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