• nayala

    I live and yosemite and i like to spot rock climbers on el capitan…but if i saw that, i'd probably drop my binoculars and freak out before seeing that he was actually still attached to another rope. lol

  • Nate

    why cant I feel my feet???

  • Johnny Apollo

    I climbed all over the country for many years and my personal opinion of what he is doing here is that it is foolish, but he should be allowed to do it. If he has children, then my opinion changes. Then I say he's an irresponsible parent. I know his fees help pay for the emergency crews but I would imagine that taxpayers and/or non-climbing park visitors still pay the majority. I think that if folks are going to do this kind of ultra extreme activity, they should first have to volunteer doing a "clean-up" w/ an emergency crew. This may change their mind and also they get to see what a mess they have caused…It is just a matter of time till the ground…catches up w/ him or her, sooner or later. I feel pretty confident in saying that cleaning up his remains is not what emergency crews signed up for when they took the job. It comes off as a little selfish to me. IMO, his remains should be left for the buzzards and as a reminder for other "swingers". Climb on.

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