Vintage flying-low…a mix of crazy and huge balls (93 Photos)


  • whyme1973

    #5 #38 #50 #62 #74 Women like these are why men try stunts like flying low.

    • whyme1973

      Also… #87 #92

      • Planes!

        NO!!!!! If you want half naked chics go to reddit or 4chan. Really adding in womenz makes these posts lame.

        Other than that this was a fantastic post!

  • IrishInNJ

    Clicked too quickly and now realize I entered The Brigade by accident. Might as well leave a comment. Morning everyone.

  • John

    #77 Considering the crew were probably all killed, maybe a poor choice for this article

  • bingo

    #40 Wat.

  • dyanan

    #85 – a clip from the movie "A Bridge Too Far" – IMHO the last of the great all star cast War Flicks. Sean Connery, Ryan O'Neal, Anthony Hopkins, Michael Caine, among others. Great movie about Operation Market Garden, largest Airborne Operation ever attempted. Great Story about a tragic operation.

  • JustTrollin

    Are you sure these are all "flying low"? A few look like they should be titled "About to Crash"!

  • what

    #87 Oh my!

    • Bob Fungus

      Why even bother wearing underwear?

      • LeonardoB

        For tearin off with your teeth, crazy fool.

  • what

    My dad told me about when he was in Vietnam, the Marine pilots would come in literally a few feet above the trees and bomb the shit out of the gooks. Then he said the Air Force thought close air support was 1,000 feet up, which is why they killed so many Americans by accident, and the Marines hated calling them for help.

    • FUVC

      Typical Marine BS…

      • YEMX

        ^Typical Army jealous of Marines….
        I was going to be a Marine (insert random excuse).

        • Euroranger

          Actually, dropping a bomb from "a few feet above the trees" could result in the aircraft suffering direct blast damage or being adversely affected by the shockwave of the explosion. "Adversely affected" when you're "a few feet above the trees" typically translates to "flying into trees due to momentary loss of control". That's because the bomb is travelling the same speed as the aircraft at drop point and continues in the same direction meaning that when it hits the ground, it's exploding relatively underneath the aircraft…unless it hits one of those trees they're supposedly flying just a few feet over…in which case it explodes even sooner and the blast is closer to the airframe, etc.

          Srsly…real life ain't like video games fellas. Dropping ordnance from low altitude isn't a good idea unless it's been equipped with some kind of airbrake that slows the bombs down. Those things exist solely to allow the dropping aircraft time to depart the blast zone…and they didn't use those a whole lot in Vietnam much less for close support.

          • EuroTrashRanger

            There is actual photographs of marine pilots dropping napalm quite close to the ground. Why don't you go tell the Maine Vietnam vet he is a liar.

            • Euroranger

              Maybe you're a fucking moron or maybe you've suffered a head wound somewhere along the line…either way, I'll help you out:

              Napalm isn't explosive. It's an incendiary gel sometimes mixed with white phosphorus to make it burn hotter. It sometimes does have a small explosive charge embedded in the gel but that's solely to spread it out so it burns a larger area. It's not the kind of thing that will rebound hundreds of feet into the air to stick to the delivery vehicle.

              So, yeah, there are photographs and yes they sometimes dropped napalm close to friendly troops…but they did so PRECISELY because it WASN'T A FUCKING EXPLOSIVE. So, you see, I don't need to address the Maine Vietnam vet…just need to tell you that you don't know the difference between what's basically Vaseline (something I'm sure you prolly have lots of experience with) and high explosives (something I'm sure you'd have Darwin'd yourself with long before today if you were ever outside of adult supervision).

              • LeonardoB

                Peace man.

          • what

            I think you focused a bit too heavily on the word "bomb".

            • Euroranger

              Really? I think I was focused on the guy whacking my name and then implying that I said the vet was lying.

              Ah well.

    • FormerAC-130Aircrew

      I'm sure Marines didn't mind calling in an Air Force AC-130 SPECTRE GUNSHIP!

      • what

        Those things were sweet.

    • Kyle

      I've heard the same from my buddy who was combat infantry in VN — the Marine and Navy pilots would fly in really low and were very accurate, the USAF flew higher and were less so.

  • pa'ver

    #87 id fly low under that

    • BackThatUp

      I'd prefer to fly in behind that

  • Tiber_Septim

    #12 the Dolittle raid of Tokyo at the beginning of WWII. Incredibly ballsy flight from an aircraft carrier by incredibly brave men

    • jasonB

      Not the Doolittle raid. Those are late war markings.

    • Alumni72

      Nope – that's a bombing run out of New Guinea around 1943 or 44. The Doolittle B-25s made their flights individually.

  • Chooch

    #4 Filming the "Don't Mess with Texas" commercial with the Confederate Air Force
    #30 Take 'er easy VeRA

  • crazydog

    #68 considering the reputation of the cutlass that move was ballsy as hell

  • Kodos

    #50 #57 #87

    I could follow that terrain all day

    • myles

      #57 holly vallance slapper

  • dacky2

    Noticed that almost all are American or allied aircraft. Exceptions are the German Heinkel 111 (or in a similar class #6 and #22; and the Betty G4M in #56.
    Also…keep #77, it shows the consequence of flying too low, and by all means keep #87

    • 580087734

      I think that first shot ls likely a Dornier Do 17 because of the split tail, but nice call on the rest!

  • nodon

    Good to see the F-4 well represented here. Such an awesome looking jet.

  • glenngarf

    My dad flew the Neptune #61. BEAT ARMY!

  • I Eats Bacon

    If you look very carefully at #62, there isn't a plane to be found.

    • SummerTeeth

      ….nor a full set of teeth.

  • 15Weight

    #60 That's a negative, Ghostrider. The pattern is full.

    Tom Cruise is a douche.

  • LBF 4 ever
  • Jeremy

    53 is balls deep

  • CallMeMaybe

    #67 Negative Ghostrider, the pattern is set.

    • Melvin


  • flyemlow

    #55 is probably done for, only 1 engine running it looks like. Left inboard, the rest are all feathered

    • FormerAC-130Aircrew

      Good catch! And especially with that gear up. Otherwise, I'd say they had a good chance of setting it down and walking away from it. God bless 'em…

      • James

        This is a risky trick they used to pull. You came in on a shallow dive and feathered three props and relied on speed to get through, hoping very hard you got the others started in time.

  • cels0_o

    #4 B-17 Escorted by a Mustang gotta love it.

    • dick large

      And a P-47 behind it 🙂

      • GI Joe

        No, that's an F4F Wildcat

    • GI Joe

      That's from a film shoot for a Texas Dept of Highways commercial….you can find the whole shoot on Youtube. The B17 would fly so low that it couldn't be seen because of a dip in the road and it would just pop up seemingly out of nowhere…

  • Ken

    couldn't some of these planes just be taking off?

    • EvilDungbeetle

      Usually, you want to keep you gear down for a little while longer. I don't see landing gear in any of these except for #58.

  • dick large

    Love this series. Is it just me, or are there a lot of British planes represented? Lots of roundels ….. crazy buggers!

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