Cheaters never prosper sometimes (7 Photos)

A clever cheat sheet...

  • ChiverOnFoot

    well played

    • Duh

      Cheaters always prosper, why else would you cheat?

  • Mondo

    Right up until the teacher notices. . .

    • Alberta

      the light would be a giveaway

      • chiver

        dim the brightness…problem solved

      • undergrad

        well as far as college classes are concerned, u would have to try hard to get caught. i've seen people pull out there tablets during exams and get away with it.

  • Mr. Pink


    • sfb101

      Call me dumb, but I don't get it. Care to 'splain it to me?

      • in1ear&outurmother

        Boobless upside down on a calc…( DERP!!!)

      • MylesofStyles


      • ridsy13


      • boB

        Box up your computer & send it back to the manufacturer… or are you that young that you don't get calculator jokes?

        • sfb101

          No, too old. That doesn't work with slide rules 😦

      • Gravity


      • Adam


      • KeepinCalm

        I didn't get it either. I was to busy trying to pass remedial algebra, spelling BOOBLESS on my calculator would have been too advanced.

    • joe

      boobless HAHAHAHAHAH

    • Carl


    • Daniel Tosh

      get two calculaters and type 8008 on each one

    • Himesmagic

      One I remember from those days.

      11669 x 3 = 35007

      Story: There was 1 girl, she was 16, she was 69'd 3 times. What was she? Loose (35007)

      Also 4198537 = Lesbian

      • itstanrum

        more like Lesbaih

    • Ssss


      • thedude325


  • UKgoo

    Cheat and then you become dumber, just wait until the no calculator tests and then you wont have a fucking clue then you loose.

    • Chiver

      Reminds me of an episode of Wishbone where Joe can't find his calculator and his teacher in the wheelchair tells him that he doesn't need it and he has to learn fractions by helping Wanda's rummage sale. Brilliant.

      • Kato

        Haha Wishbone. I remember that show. So 90s. You win the internets today good sir.

    • Shouldacheated

      I remember one time, as an engineer, I was asked to figure out the grade the streets needed to be in order to have a proper angle for rain fall off. In addition we needed to figure out how strong the bridge needed to be to support vehicles etc.., and my boss said I couldn't use a calculator or reference a single formula.
      Wait a sec. that would never fucking happen you fool.

      • bob

        i went to engineering school too. and they dont say "no calculator" on engineering tests because they assume we already know how to do math.

        no calc tests are for those still needing to prove they know math.


        • Wisti

          I'm in engineering school and we have no calculator tests…was yours abet accredited? Or did you go before programmable calculators and smart phones existed?

    • SUPer4Life

      But you could use spellcheck….*lose

      • Jobber

        Spell check wouldn't solve the lose/loose error as both words are actual words that are spelled correctly. It's completely the wrong word, but a spell check wouldn't help. Maybe a grammar check.

    • truth

      Most innovation is driven by a person's desire to find an easier way to accomplish an already doable task. Cheating doesn't necessarily make a person smarter but doing something the hard way despite there being an easier way….

    • Mr. T

      Ya, and then you loose, loose big time.

    • dirtysteve


      • Heath Reid

        Hahahahaha! Loose!

    • Maytrix

      Perhaps you cheated at some point. It's lose, not loose.

    • Smashy

      You Asian Bro?

    • Jedi

      You spell wrong and your grammar is improper, dummy. Maybe you shouldn't have cheated either.

    • Pikesville


    • JTP

      Very true. You will totally loose butthole.

    • Mark

      You *lose.

  • Da Nig Nagga

    Story of my life

  • RooFeeOOO

    Right, this would be perfect for history class. "I just need to calculate the exact date."…

  • fucked

    This would make me look at porn all day instead of most of the day

    • Mel_Gibson

      No you would be on facebook all day

      • Llort

        Go away Mel! Shoo ! Shoo !

  • LeO

    I would buy one for the right price 🙂

  • that dude

    i just dont see what test you would need a calculator and google for…

    • hmmmmm

      never taken a calculus course, I see…

      • hmmmmm

        or a 200-level physics course, for that matter

      • minz

        you were allowed a calculator in calculus?! :O

        • hmmmm

          Not in the first three sections, but my instructor encouraged "use of technology" for Vector (had to be able to model vectors in 3d space) Can't do that terribly readily on a cell phone… or google. however is a life-saver.

    • mikemo21


    • KMD


  • Danno



    • Schnizz56


      • Danno

        Congratulations! You have won the internet.

    • Schnizz56

      That's the cool thing to do with a calculator when you're 12

  • tv_paul

    No Mr. Bond, I expect you to do the times table in your head.

  • Myst

    Wish I had this in high school…

    • bobyD

      why? you can sleep through high school and get a 4.0….the toughest question was do I want to get drunk before, after or during class

  • Honey boo boo

    I'll have one please

  • jay

    i dont think anyone has used that type of calculator since 1998

    • newp

      *since the last FE or PE test

  • Jeremy

    because most calculators have a clock on them…

  • the devil

    As a teacher, I thank you Chive, for showing me this…

    My students will never get me with this one! Bwahahaha!

    • kmfkt


    • whale huntr

      what ^^ he said…..

  • memeGuy

    If one was to spend the amount of time it takes to fashion such a device studying, one would then learn how to think for one's self instead of relying on others!

    Oh what a profound idea that would be to this lazy ignorant generation.

    Now I need to find a meme to that the young ones can understand!

    • i8paula

      Who is Juan?

    • DrunkPetRock

      Yes! Damn all creative and innovative thinkers!! Wait… What is this weird device I am typing on while communicating with people and viewing images from across the world with?!

  • @Exile714

    I tried this but I got caught… so now I'm failing history.

    • TheVanityScore

      calculator in history class? i can see how this went wrong for you lol

    • soups818

      Well, sounds like you should be failing History if you tried to use a "calculator" on a HISTORY test.

      • bigman

        Welcome to the point of the joke…
        We are all here, make yourself at home.

  • dogdamngod


    • Achilles


      • TheVanityScore


    • Danno

      U mad bro? KCCO

  • memeGuy
    • hmm

      a man of few words…..

  • comall01

    #2 2:57, #3 3:31 It took 34 minutes to get the function key section off? class is almost over bro

    • kmfkt

      LOL thats what im sayin!

    • Sappy

      Ain't nobody got time for that!

  • Mike Hunt

    Unless the solution to the exact problem you are trying to solve is posted somewhere out there on the internet I don't see it helping you much. For calculus and differential equations if you didn't know the method to solving you are screwed. Also it would be pretty fucking obvious to everyone around you what you were doing.

  • Thrill

    When in doubt, look about.

    'Tis better to cheat, than repeat

    • Yep

      I heard that "if ya ain't cheatin' ya ain't tryin'" from a guy at school.

  • minz

    unfortunately, i am a science student at ubc and we are not even allowed using that type of calculator… wish i had that in high school though!

  • ImALoserBaby

    Casio? That already throws a red flag in my book.

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