An iPhone that really can do everything (11 Photos)

  • Flame on!

    Bob is gay


  • johnr982

    Can it get its own sim card out?

  • Keith Dornin

    Now what is going to happen when you board a plane with this????

    • Justin

      Knife is totally removable 🙂

  • jcage05


  • Verbal_Kint

    here's the best part.. #9

  • ZIa

    it does more than the original at least

  • Kilmorea

    #10 I cant tell you how many times i have needs to cut twigs! this is perfect!!

  • LCR915

    But can you replace the battery?

  • DrFunkenstein

    Or you don't buy a smartphone in the first place and use the money for a sweet multitool, a cheap burner and a good supply of fine beer.

  • Millatard

    Its awesome just dont take it through an airport.

  • Yeah but

    Do it float?

  • jeff

    too bad its not waterproof…. I would get one if it was shock and water proof!

  • Justin Yen
  • DB Conor

    The Nokia one is better. It can double as a hammer.

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  • K-1

    Heyyy, it's an iPhone that actually does stuff! There's a fresh, new, change of pace…

  • JWS

    HA! Real-apps.

    • TheFavorite

      Definitely the first thing I thought of when I saw this!

  • ithilmor
  • Zack G

    Can…. Can I have sex with it?

  • gingergreek

    Still doesn't play flash

  • bigscreen

    Not so much an i phone, but a phone case that can do anything. Just like when people complain about their Droid phone and implying Android when they really don't know the difference.

  • Eric

    man this is from New Girl

  • Cassy

    but it's not sonic!

  • Matt C

    — but does it protect your phone? At all?

  • Canucks_Rule

    #11 – better than the actual phone itself.

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