Doc, I could use a lift (6 sort of photos)

  • Chris_syd


    • JohnnyReb

      You spelled douchebag wrong.

      • GeeROiD

        You spelled butthurt wrong

        • JohnnyReb

          Still mad that I railed your girl, huh? Sorry, I just love me a fatty every once in a while.

  • Sybrand

    Wouldn't mind having one and ofcourse #6 also

  • K-1

    #5: Photoshop much?

    • Static

      ….ya think? lol

  • optimus_lopez

    Fake…. I'll take #6 tho mmmm Megan fox

  • MigraineBoy

    #6 That looks like a more expensive ride than the cab.

  • NavyBoyTate

    She was hotter before she went plastic

  • Elephant

    #6 plastic or not I would wear her like a feedbag

  • GuntherSquirrel

    It should have Mr Fusion on it… with all the trash in NYC there would certainly be no issue powering it then.

    • Emmett Brown

      Mr. Fusion powers the time circuits and the flux capacitor, but the internal combustion engine runs on ordinary gasoline. It always has. There's not gonna be a gas station around here until sometime in the next century. Without gasoline, we can't get the DeLorean up to 88 miles per hour.

      • JohnnyReb

        Well, shit. Maybe we can power it with reminiscence?

    • Marty


  • Darrell

    Do you evenlift?

  • Ride

    Take me back to my youth!

  • JohnnyReb

    So, if you went back in time, would the cabbie be required to pay you??

  • nope

    Shouldn't this be posted in the photoshopped section?

  • TommyB

    #4 would love to give her a lift…

  • Daywalker

    Fifty years from now don't you think you gonna wish you had the guts to get in the cab

    • JohnnyReb

      Is there candy involved in this alternative universe? If so, I'm in.

  • Sam

    Def a photoshop job

  • Derek L

    Boooo, it's fake!

    Still cool, though..

  • tv_paul

    #6 Megan Fox replaces Michael J. Fox in soft core version " Backdoor in her Future"

    • Tillman61

      That comment was adolescent and wrong and I laughed way too long at it at work. Well done.

    • Hrdwood

      I'd hit her at 88 miles per hour until my Jiggawatts exploded…

  • Canucks_Rule

    #1 – nooka?

  • futurama fry

    #6 what was the post about again??

  • Danno


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