Doin’ the Humpty Hump (50 Photos)

  • chargers suck

    #1 love the bows.

    #50 you already know.

    • Kyle Brown

      i so need #1 in my life lol

    • doj

      I think the standards need to be raised slightly for some of these. Looks like you're letting anything in these days… =/

      • grumpy

        doj doesn't realize he's "Exhibit A" of his own thesis.

    • dsssssmmh

      jim you pig

    • bdg

      #33 Holy Hell you're what dreams are made of!!!!!!

      • Ayeeee ;)

        i think the gif was from a video made by amazing photgrapher alexander tikhomirov

  • Joel a


    • Man

      #39 Kill her, she's duck-facing

  • LucyLoo

    annnnd I didn't make it in… buut nice humps ladies!!

    • LucyLoo

      #44 Is my fave ♥

      • NmChiver

        this is an amazing hump!!

    • Lala

      Please post a video of ur humps! All of them:*

    • 509chiver

      I don't know why, you beautiful bewbs!!

    • FunKiller

      Maybe next week LucyLoo!!

      • LucyLoo

        fingers crossed! I even included the backwards green KCCO!

        • Porkins

          Good luck LucyLoo!

        • Notknowing

          Screw these guys. Send your pix to me. If they can't appreciate a great ass, I will.

        • FunKiller

          I think you should work on the 5-fecta: Subtle lip bite, hump, gap, tug on your clothes, and burn it….there might be a couple that will need to be involved, but I think it can be done.

          • LucyLoo

            That's a lot of things to do in one pic! I'll work on it… 😛

      • LucyLoo

        I guess I should reserve my disappointment until the DAR…

        • MigraineBoy

          Judging from your profile picture, your hump is amazing. 🙂

        • bla bla

          like omg, i hate when people dont post pics of my ass on the internet, like WTF guys!

          • LucyLoo

            thumbs down for being an assclown…

            • bla bla

              you're a poet and didnt know it!

            • well...

              for all we know, you're a old man telling lies, just saying

    • absure2

      you look great lady I`m waiting

  • AssClown

    #2 Just put a glory-hole there and you'll be settled.

    • MylesofStyles

      Is it just me or do those legs look awkwardly short?

  • don meok

    #26 love short shorts

  • jjh21

    #24 you belong in the Hump Hall of Fame.

    • OmahaDude

      no doubt

      • Will

        My favorite

    • chuck

      Thats Randy Moore.. Google her. Really hot and makes custom videos!!!

      • Jen

        she really makes me Randy!

      • randall

        I'd like to shake her daddys hand

    • RAS

      That's the one

    • Red


    • Drake

      O M G !!!!!!

  • Kiki

    #33 sweet, #39 #44 #46

    • SOhioChiver

      #44 is that an Eagle Globe and Anchor? Semper Fi!

    • Brian

      #39 #41 #49


      • Kiki

        #49 on the left! M O A R

    • TomN

      You live in NY

  • Truth

    Hymp day…Sweet.

  • kal50

    Been waiting ALL day for #3 and #20. I love me a meaty ass!

    • Notknowing

      You too, eh?

    • Hunter

      and nice perky titties too

  • SOhioChiver

    #24 WOW! What an ass!

  • xjrich

    #7 #12 #13 mm the inevitable HUMP

    • SOhioChiver

      #12 is cute as a button!

      • wantomas

        Sup Santa Cruz!?

  • FuckUSD

    #11 and #35 are simply delightful

    • Lime

      #11 bar refaeli ❤

    • John

      #35 Best in show

  • r1rider

    #1 more girls with tattoos please!! MOAR I SAID!!!

    • Guest

      They already have their own galleries. Please keep them away from this one. Some of us are sick and tired of hot women ruining their skin with that crap.

    • Antowan

      Well, at least I am losing weight…can't seem to keep my lunch down when these creatures are featured.

    • Chiver23

      Tattooed chicks are by far thee sexiest. Agreed

      • jt1120

        Sorry, but you're wrong. All this great, beautiful skin all effed up with tattoos that will look gross inside of ten years? NOT!

  • MatteOH

    #19 FTW

    • tobanfarmer

      yes please, and way more

    • guest

      #19 she should get a medal or something

    • A Fan

      ALL Day

    • Kato

      You can bounce a coin on that hump!

  • Martin McFly

    #20 Sweet mother Mary of Humps with a prerequesite in Burnsday!

  • @ortegaralph

    I'm going to take this opportunity making the first page of the comment section by asking one question: why aren't there any Chive pins/buttons available on the Chivery?

    • LucyLoo

      all this ass and you ask about buttons?? who wears buttons?

      • @ortegaralph

        Sorry. Happy hump day!

        • LucyLoo

          lol I was just joking around 🙂 Happy Hump Day!

    • FunKiller

      Because pins/buttons are gay…..and not in a good way.

  • Bryce

    #3 would

  • SOhioChiver

    #21 nice Dimples/Tan!

  • Tillman61

    #20 #21 Awesome on so many levels…

  • Solitaire



    • Ben


      • Tim

        I don't get it

  • morebeer

    "i'm the one who said just grab em in the biscuits"

    • 650

      you, sir, deserve more thumbs up

  • SOhioChiver

    #28 great Gap all mighty!

    • DiRock

      YAH Bitch! YAH!!

    • bkoh10

      Yeah shes def my fav too. bet shes not from OHIO though! What up I'm a Dayton chiver. WHO DEY!!!

  • Eric

    all great today

  • razz

    I didn't think it would get better than #24 until I saw #25

    • FunKiller

      25 is Brittni Ann Palmer (Riley Steele) x-porn star.

  • Mkenn

    #24 dayummmm

    • chuck

      Randy Moore. Google her

      • bkoh10

        wow thank you chuck! you sir have talent. that or you are very loonly 😦

        • bkoh10

          yes I know, lonely. Future jerkoffs…

          • chuck

            Not lonely at all my friend. Just know of a few talented models. She is one of them. Plus she put this same pic on her twitter a while back.

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