• Gina lopez


    • Mars

      You are the first recipient of "dickhead of the month" award.

      Congratulations, it's only the 5th and we are certain you deserve it

      • Michael

        She's a girl…chill dude

        • IrishInNJ

          Sure it is

        • Carele$$

          Dont be sexist.

        • Mars

          So because its a girl the annoying First can be ignored? I don't discriminate

          • Lolasaurus

            True true anyone dumb enough to post the word "first" will always be a douche. Girl or guy same rule applies. Stop playing the sexist sissy card, that shit won't fly here.

    • rew$ter

      Starts off with worst sweat pant/sneaker combination ever. By 1:15, there's no way I'd ever tell her that.

  • First


    • JMAKK

      Who else picked up there iPhone and started acting like it was a controller?

      x,x,back,forward,y,down,b,b,a……12 Hit Combo!

  • billy

    Daaaayuummm! Girls got some moves!

    • MylesofStyles

      Because doing vertical spinning splits always wins bar fights, right?

  • Mars

    What song is that?

    And it's alright, she's flexible but those parlour vids are way more entertaining

    • Brad

      lightwork lupe fiasco

    • SHE WAS HE

      I think the song is called "More soulless bullshit" by "I can't create original music". And it's Parkour. And I love you.

      • fuck yo couch!

        yep, another great vid followed by pathetic music. common on the internets.

      • Tyrd

        Your a idiot!

      • Hucksteel

        thats not parkour, thats some karate kid shit

    • Cliff

      For a real answer its "lights" by Ellie Goulding

  • Seth L

    She can kick my ass any day!

  • Richard D

    Sweet sandwich maker bro.

  • Damian Warszawski

    I'd potato mash her!

  • busterz

    Wow lots of practice you go girl

  • trent
  • Cpt Obvious

    I can still sit on her and I'd win

  • N2MotoX

    Jean Claude Van Dam don't have anything on this beauty!!!!

    • tv_paul

      Yes he does, a penis.

    • kaaaBLAAAM!

      i felt really awkward reading your comment N2MotoX. Like, I got embarrassed for you. I just imagine you being at a party and walking up to chicks and saying, "Hey, what's up ladies? Lookin' hot. [awkward pause] You know I do MotoX right?"

  • zzzzzzzzzzz

    i think her vagina may be double jointed

  • hititrightyea

    i know a bunch of you guys are just curious as to how it would feel if when she had her legs stretched that way and you ……

  • MattKL

    Cute girl, AND she can handle herself in a fight? I'm in love.

    • paul

      you think doing the splits during a fight is a good move?

      • kaaaBLAAAM!

        2nd'd. if she had her leg in the air, all you need is one quick jab to the vagina and you could death-grip her uterus and yank that b!tch out like Lloyd Christmas!

  • tv_paul

    I think I pulled a muscle just adjusting the volume on this video.

    • because gfdjka

      And by adjusting, you mean muting? PLEASE?

      • tv_paul

        No, I was pulling a muscle and adjusting my knob.

  • Dick Clark

    Such an odd way to pass gas.

    • Sharkfart

      Hahahahahahahahahahajanaha- best comment ever!

  • Del

    Yes but hows her ground game??

    • Craigery

      She could totally win any fight…

      any fight in which punching, hair-pulling, weapons and grappling are not allowed, and a referee determines the winner based on style and how wide they can spread their legs.

      • nice one

        haha kinda like bruce lee

  • Rick_

    I can't help to think this video would of been much better had she been wearing a bikini.

    • G_Had

      I'm trying not to sound like my mother here but not every girl has to be a sex-symbol I guess

      • Craigery

        This is The Chive.

        • G_Had

          Exactly! Ever heard of youporn? They don't even wear bikinis there…

    • MonkeyMadness

      I'd rather watch her do it naked.

  • Meh

    Her sister Grace is just like Chloe.

  • Lukeatmacock

    THat shit is good for the movies but Ronda Rousey would beat that ass…

    • Craigery

      That would be like Kurt Thomas fighting Brock Lesnar.

      • Nishtai

        Maybe. But put her with any MMA fighter her weight in a cage and they're gonna hand her lovely ass to her.

    • zackgonick

      Ronda Rousey is a very complete fighter. Gina Carano is still my favorite, but this Chloe Bruce girl is seriously impressive in her balance and movement.

  • Daywalker

    I couldn't do that stuff even with the help of ILM

    • zackgonick

      I can't believe nobody picked up on your ILM reference… bravo!

  • Hanzo

    Anndd she'd kick my ass

    • Craigery

      Those aren't fighting skills, they're gymnastics. She probably wouldn't last a minute in a street fight.

  • Diddles

    Fuck that shit. I'll punch her in the twat so hard next time she does the standing splits her vajay will sounds like the ocarina of time.

    • Dr. Evil

      Doubtlessly written by a morbidly obese basement dweller who gets winded walking up a flight of stairs.

      • Anaphylaxis

        That's giving the dweller credit that there are stairs even available to accommodate the mass…

        • Dr. Evil

          I'm sure his enabling mother probably brings his meals to him so he won't have to risk a possible heart attack getting up.

  • Jon

    Your ability to stretch in beautiful places is so inspiring.

  • Craigery

    Attention whore with terrible taste in music. You can have her, Bob.

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