User submit: story of friend Henry Billings and the bombing of Marines in Beirut 29 years ago (23 Photos)

  • John

    #5 Thats a hell of a nasty leg wound there

  • Kathey Lister

    Great article you've written, is this your first website blog or have you been doing this a while?

  • Joe

    There was one Army adviser that died with those Marines, SGT Ben Maxwell 63H. He was a great man, leader and husband.

  • Kristel Mancini

    Henry as 2 years ago he suffered an aneurysm and a double stroke that have left him walking with a cane for the rest of his life.

  • Robin

    I was there…bad week to say the least. Salute to all the men stationed there at the "Beirut Hilton"…

  • Get the facts

    Get the facts

    Photos of bombing of Marines in Beirut We came in Peace : theBRIGADE

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