• KCCO CA_916

    Whoever got to take any/all of this footage is one lucky bastard. Amazing..

  • Jamie

    WOW!!! that is all I can say… WOW!

  • LeO

    Worth watching all 6 minutes. Amazing to see these spots in the world

  • Tiber_Septim

    mother nature is one hell of an artist

  • O VonSchnitzengruben

    I fucking love you chive

  • don meok

    Alot of the first part is from Planet Earth

  • truth

    fuck wings…jumpin out this tree like a boss

  • ollie williams

    damn nature you scary..good

  • timmeh

    So, you are supposed to find peace in nature until you find your dirt bike? Interesting turn, the video went from nature to xgames

  • Dave

    Just want to take a plane to wherever.

    • Bambam

      Then do it

  • Canucks_Rule

    looks like a bbc vid.

  • Geno

    Notice None of those shorts we americans in america untill the sports started? thats because the majority of us are assholes

    • asdfasdf

      I'm not really sure what you are trying to say, but last time I checked Hawaii was in 'Merica

      • http://www.superseedband.com AndySaximus

        Fuck yeah

  • Electric Boogalo

    I like the part with the slow motion moving camera.

  • http://www.superseedband.com AndySaximus

    Chive! More Snowboarding/skiing videos!

  • Deep Dish

    You'd think they would've at least given credit to where they stole some (if not all) of that footage from.

  • http://facebook.com/dyquen Dyquen

    I'm done with civilization. I'm moving to the middle of nowhere.

  • This Guy

    Notice all the shots from the Middle East? Oh wait…me neither. What a lovely part of the world.

    • Peace

      If people would stop bombing the place then perhaps it would be nice. And what do you know? Youve seen all of Midde East? What a narrowminded and disgusting comment. The Chive is great but people like you make me want to stay of it.

  • guy who missed out

    wat is the name of that second song?

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