• feezics

    can we keep it?

    • Levian

      Why haven't we made mini bears, and domesticated them yet?!

    • Man

      The sad part is that this bear won't be afraid of humans now, and those are the ones we HAVE to put down for safety reasons.

      • Guest

        I was thinking the same thing. Cute as this may be, making a bear accustomed to humans will either lead to a life in a cage for the bear, or an even worse outcome for both the bear and some unlucky human in the future.

  • Jon

    It's all fun and games until Mama Bear comes around

    • StarboardEngine

      Yeah, that could escalate quickly.

    • MattKL

      Yeah, that could really get out of hand fast.

    • Reed Undent

      Yeah, that could spiral out of control rapidly.

    • Delicious Cabbage

      Yeah that could get real ugly, real fast

      • The_Dood

        Yeah, that could turn out in a way other than the desired outcome.
        Am I doing this right?

        • Chivette

          I personally can't think of any other ways to put it…what he said first?

          • coop

            Yeah, that could really jump up a notch.

            • Lolasaurus

              Yeah that shit could hit the fan real quick…

              Soon you'll be up shit creek without a paddle…

              • Antonymic Mimic

                Yeah, that could intensify in a non-slow kind of way…

                • thedude325

                  That situation could aggrandize in a transitory fashion.

                  • The_Dood

                    The gravity of the situation is preparing to escalate exponentially.

                    • Tiber_Septim

                      Things could head south real fast

    • Tmac

      Yeah, that could become a poor scene most swiftly

      • Sick350Z

        Yeah, that could quickly ruin your day

    • Turbodude

      Yeah, that could become most unbecoming swiftly in a fast way…

      • Anonymous

        Momma bear would steal his smiles expeditiously.

  • rob

    Just wait till momma bears comes walking out of the fog!

  • Chiver

    bro get your bear bro!

    • Jawbone

      This comment perfectly encapsulates this site.

  • frankie gee

    not first

    • Poop Stain

      But still a douche!

  • Jack Wagon

    I just watched Ghostbusters one and two the other day. Bill Fucking Murray is a fucking genius!

    • Skevin

      Yes he is great, however. THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR BILL MURRAY

      • Jack Wagon

        It is always time for BILL FUCKING MURRAY

        • Yea

          You're pretty douchey.

          • Jack Wagon

            I will not apologize for being a BFM fan, i was not aware that you dildos made special days for when it is acceptable to speak of the legend that is…….BILL FUCKING MURRAY. If you dont like him then you are a phoney and you know it. So, lick the bag.

            • Colt .45 Peacemaker

              No doubt about BFM here, brother. There are just some days when the Chive will have a whole thread about him (or Ghostbusters or any BFM film). I think some others may have felt a little blind-sided going from a video of a bear cub to the great BFM himself without some sort of segue. So KCCO, bro!

              • .357

                BIll Murray is getting out of control with you fags, the movie isn't great because of Bill Murray.

                • Jawbone

                  They're all just jumping on the fratboy bandwagon. I'm sure they're still "icing their bros" too.

        • Orukal

          Murray has been telling him to back off for over a year now. Give the guy a break.

  • Smokey

    Maybe I've seen too many horror movies, but I kept waiting for Momma bear to appear out of the fog and maul all those guys

  • frankie gee

    Of course, that backfired!!!

  • Deuce

    2 years down the road that story will end alot differently

  • 617Chiver

    Mama in 3,2,1….

  • tv_paul

    Playing with a bear cub is fun until a testicle is punctured and he bleeds to death on the next "1000 Cutest Ways To Die"

  • nope

    this video sucked a few months ago when you posted it. get your head in the game bob.

  • PFizzle

    What would have been funny is if Momma bear shows up, freaking out these guys, only for her to run and jump on the guy and play with him too.

  • http://twitter.com/iwantcakeplz @iwantcakeplz

    Papa and Momma bear are looking at dinner playing with their cub!

  • passwordistaco

    Put a leash on his ass and take him out on the town while you can.

    Chick magnet level = Johnny Depp

  • the_mike

    Mama and Papa sent the cub to distract them so they could easily find dinner.

    Just like shooting fish in a barrel.

  • http://twitter.com/LosTorre @LosTorre

    he bearly did anything………… -__-

    • Know It (All) Poet

      T'what? I cuhnt hear you! I've got an ear infuhktion. B'ear as' me again!

  • Alex

    Oh god it has a taste for humans now…

  • Matticus

    Aww shucks.. It's still as cute as the first time i saw it 4 years ago on Liveleak. The wittle guy was giving him a bear hug. =)

  • THEblaze

    how the fuck did this guy find the forest moon of Endor??!!

  • FarSide

    That Godless Killing Machine is just practicing…

  • Guest

    What you don't realize is that's an adult bear and the Russians are giant-sized because of all the radiation.

  • hotdog

    … until it bites your dick off.

  • Mini bear

    Why has no one breeded bears down to a smaller size for domestication yet? I want a mini bear

    • Berty

      I just want a mini bar

  • Truth

    I can tell you're black just by the way you write

    • passwordistaco

      I can tell you're an idiot by WHAT you write.

    • More Truthful

      Yeah, your ignorance is a little bit more obvious than her ethnic background.

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