• Nicktachi

    "Dammit stop hugging me I'm trying to eat you and you're making me look silly. "

  • Zack

    Don't let this vid fool you. All that cub is trying to do is eat this guy, but the cub is too small.

  • Alyn

    its funny now but in 6months that bears going to rip your fuckin face off

  • Canucks_Rule

    where is this from?

  • carrie

    That baby bear is actually trying to hurt that guy. haha. When it gets a little bit bigger, it's over.

  • dahobe

    cute until it gains a 100 lbs and those little nips take huge chunks out of him…

  • Big C

    I is cute now…but when I grows up… I'll murder the shit out of you!

  • Anras

    "Get in my belly human! Why won't you die!"

  • wut

    In Soviet Russia, puppy is bear!

  • Adam

    Im pretty sure thats daniel tosh. Brickleberry!!!

  • tonytone

    the bear could smell he's weak

  • Shane

    Bears are the last thing silent hill needs.

  • ispellgud


  • Nick

    BAWWWWW. I want one! 😀

  • John O'

    as they were mesmerized by the little cub, Yogi was stealing their picanic baskets!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mr.jesse.navarro Jesse Navarro

    beary funny!

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