• JudeCT

    So apparently some women are in fact aware of the power they hold between their arms…

  • Isaac


  • Tysam89

    When I first watched this video, I felt rage; but I just couldn't quite figure out as to why… After about the 10th, 11th, and 12th time I observed the video (for reasons other than simply finding out why I was angry at this clip) I found there were at least 3 solid reasons why I was so upset with the situation shown in this video.

    1) Why were the gentlemen aiming for the cup? When and if I find myself in similar situations, I purposely miss the cup by at least 6 feet.
    2) The cargo shorts (I should say capri's) at 2:00. Nobody has gotten a hand job in cargo shorts since 'nam. (Superbad)
    3) Missed opportunity to just get naked and see what happens next…

    • matt

      i hit it in cargos homie… believe it or not…

    • yoyo

      Well thought sir.. Very good!

  • DrummerWill

    It's fitting that Nickatina is bumping in this vid

    • kevin

      whats the name of the song?

  • lat297

    and yet when I play this game with women and stand at the other end of the table grinding my groin against the cups, they look disgusted and leave…

    Yet again this is another case of one rule for hot chicks with FLBP, and another for men.

  • busterz

    I will never get that 2:30 of my life back.

  • Wet_tosti

    A clear case of shaken booby syndrome…

  • Chad M.

    why would you ever stop playing beer pong… making that cup will be the single greatest mistake made by mankind.

  • shetakeshervitamins

    I think Alec messed up the video upload because I don't see any beer pong. Is the video named properly? Better watch it again to double check

  • Bay Ray

    what nickatina song was that? he's got a million of em

  • Vince

    Holy shit this is at my house.

  • Cat

    Really? Because I've seen girls do this at least a thousand times. The last time was kind of funny though because the guy they were playing against was gayer than Christmas.

  • nval


  • AndySaximus

    replayed video from 1:50 to 1:55 at least 10 times…..

  • keivn

    the name of the song is y u smilin

  • hossss

    two girls one cup

  • CaptainInsano

    Well that's one way to get a boner at work….

    P.S.- That girl is dying to pull those things out

  • teewan

    Everything was going good until I saw the Keystone Light….fail

  • حمد المراقي


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