This is why you’re single (29 Photos)

  • hmmmmmmmmm

    #22 it's not the cornrows … it's cause he's a ginger

  • TheJoeGreene


  • cooktiludrop

    #19 that's exactly what you do with trash from the bar. Dirty girl.

  • misschris

    #22 Is O.G. (obviously the G being Ginger)

  • Angry pirate

    #12 Learn to fucking spell people. It should be you're… as in you are (or you're) an ass hole who can't god damned spell. Your does not mean what you think it fucking means. God damn it.

    • Cody

      This pirate sure is a stickler for grammar.

  • Manny

    #11 was genius

  • zoltar

    We all know "Suck me dry", Meet his twin brother "Sniff" #23

  • J MO

    #4 Hilarious. That is all.

    • Cody

      Yeah that picture is fucking hilarious.

  • Travis Shaffer

    Wtf, a trekkie holding a lightsaber? What has this world come too, anything goes these days….

  • Steve_French

    Instant brain aneurysm


    • Fish

      Is he actually trying to look tough?

    • TheVanityScore

      maybe he wouldnt be single if he would stop mixing genres

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  • AP1995

    This is actually a common condition. Most women just wait until after you're married to tell you they're asexual.

    • IKnowFunny

      Funny because it's true. Are you aware there is actually food that can lower a woman's sexual desire by 70-80%? It's called wedding cake.

  • Bobby R.

    The 1# picture is showing the world how much time some people have on there hands and do nothing productive out of it….


  • boxer62

    You guys do realize that even the "women" in #14 are the high-end sex dolls… Hence all the SINGLE guys with sex dolls in the picture…

    • Cody

      I don't know why this is getting down votes, he's right. Why do you think the one in the skirt is sitting with her legs in the get fucked or have a baby position?

  • KyleGamgee

    #17 I don't get it…

    • Broms

      1024mb = 1gb

      • Guest

        Lol I didn't get it either at first! Thanks for explaining!

  • ScruffyNerfherder227

    #24 Sacrilege. It hurts to look at.

    • Jason

      just so wrong mixing star wars and star trek

  • Mike Hunt

    #11 By the way, only schizophrenics can tickle themselves and laugh from it.

    • iaDF!

      Not sure why this got a downvote, it's true. I've read it's actually one of the tests they use for that condition.

  • Cliff

    #24 – dumbass is wearing a red shirt. He won't live long enough to even get friendzoned.

  • Bill

    #12 You're! Gawd.

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  • Ryan

    They should have a pic off a chivette in this post haha

  • Dude


    Anime chicks rock

  • bigman

    shouldnt there be a picture of mac with a cat

  • Ebonics


    HOT !!

  • Mark S Man

    #11 Fun fact: Only schizophrenics can tickle themselves.

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