You can’t explain that (50 Photos)

  • Drwar41

    #1 And on this day, all the mysteries of life were solved.

    • IrishInNJ

      #26 Ricky Gervais. One mystery solved!

  • Scott

    #1 clever girl…

    • Levian

      Can I see you're t-Rex?

      • Levian

        Thanks again autocorrect. Your*

        • Tommy

          And with that correction, your comment still doesn't make sense. Good job.

    • Adam

      Someone was born in the 80s

      • what

        yeah, you! cause you got the reference

    • Muldoon
  • Professor Squeegee


    Pfft, drunken mid-level managers Christmas party

    • nate33uc

      #31 – Mommy What Will I Look Like

  • Rusty Shackleford

    #10 This guy's not baaad

    • Anjin-San

      That was easy,
      but i lolled too loudly!

    • h4tr3d

      The goat of mendes!!!

    • 0331

      Bring your kid to work day.

    • Big Duke 6

      " I'm on goat! "

  • bill

    #17 after working 15 hours thats gonna be the vision etched in my mind as I fall asleep

    • Silverstone

      Some things that are seen can never be unseen.

  • dmk


  • Tiber_Septim

    #12 you literally can't explain this and I'm not sure I want to know either

    • poopman

      looks kind of like battlecat

  • scoopit

    #40 I hope this is a Nicki Mirage.

    • Silverstone

      I see nothing abnormal with this picture!

    • G1880

      well played Sir.

  • Wickedslick

    #13 H.R. Puf'n'stuff…This what happens when you smoke alot of weed and then make television shows,

    • MonkeyMadness

      The producers of the show still insist that this show was not drug related. Riiiiight.
      You got H.R. (hand rolled) Puffnstuff, psychedelic colors, talking mushrooms and a magic flute. No, this has nothing to do with drugs.

      • Hrdwood

        Come on… Puff the Magic Dragon was innocent too….

    • Kodos

      Sid & Marty Krofft…. genius

    • FSU_Chiver

      First bubbler I ever bought in high school was named H.R. Puff'n'stuff…..damn I miss that pipe.

    • The_Ger

      Mr. Show – Altered State of Druggachusettes

  • @packerswitness

    haha #35 people need to lighten up!

  • ...

    #37 I didn't even need to see the freaky baby being eaten armpit tattoo to know that chick is batshit crazy. Just look at her eyes for 10 seconds. She's got the wicked crazy eyes!

    • Geno

      I'd still hit it

    • Jen

      she probably ROCKS in bed, though.

    • TomTheCameraGuy

      I bet if she was looking straight ahead, you could see the whites all the way around her eyes. That's the tell tale sign of crazy right there. Pay attention, and you'll find it's true…

  • Mattchu

    #9 Hopefully the sign in the background explains all the Cola. The dumb hat idea should come later though?

    • Kevin

      Fucking cokeheads…

      • Mike Hunt

        My thoughts exactly. They got a pile of coke too, must be New Years.

    • That Guy


      • lolwut

        #46 White People….

  • LeO

    The most metal head in the crowd ready for that mosh pit.

  • Ace11Apice

    #8 so many curvessss but i got no breaksssss

    • jim

      Tiffany Teen…although I don't think she's a teen anymore

      • JohnD

        Thank you! It was driving me nuts that I couldn't remember her name since she was a staple in the spank bank years ago.

  • Scratch17

    #20 As a gamer, I saw this and was thinking, "How can this not be explained? Explaining is the Adjutant's job."
    I need to get out more ._.

    • Swaff

      i wanna say that its cosplay of system shock 1 or 2

    • Kodos

      I thought the Diva Pava Laguna from The Fifth Element… just not blue

    • Sara

      Right there with you.

    • Frank

      Yup your not alone, for those curious it's Starcraft

    • Rabidcake

      This is actually kinda cool.
      Screw getting out more, moar zerg!

  • MonkeyMadness

    #37 A beautiful faced gone to waste because of a stupid tattoo. No telling what else she has tattooed on her body. I'll pass.

    • ThePatriot

      yeah cuz im sure she's totally sleep with you anyway lol

      • Anonymous

        thePatriot, didn't you know that all people with tattoos are drug addicts, alcoholics, and various other types of degenerates? it's common knowlege that we are all wastes of life.

        on a serious note, go play in traffic, monkey.

        • ColaChiver

          It's not the fact that you have tattoos; it's when people get stupid ass tattoos like this. Express yourself all you want, but she looks like a retard.

          • Geno

            It's under her armpit. You wouldn't even know it was there if she didn't show you. Also it might have a significant meaning, you never know.

            • Jen

              and seriously, who gives a fuck?

            • gradaddy

              look again and tell me that has significant meaning!

          • Funny tattoo wins

            Would you rather a star on her foot?? Seriously, good for her. I think the tattoo enhanced her sexiness. I am sure she has a fantastically entertaining personality.

      • MonkeyMadness

        lol Patriot, I doubt that she would, but I'm saying if she had serious head trauma and wasn't thinking clearly and wanted to sleep with me… aw, who am I kidding, if she let me I probably would.
        She doesn't look like a druggie, but that is one hideous tattoo.

    • Lil' Johnny

      I will never fuck this girl's armpit!

  • K-1

    #30 and #32: Totally creeped out by these!

  • William

    Im sure theres a perfectly reasonable explanation for all of this. But can anybody tell me how the hell the next tissue pops up!?

    • tralfaz

      Only the Masons know.

    • The_Ger


  • Candy

    What…what did I just look at?

  • Schnizz56

    #13 I can explain this one: people were mostly stoned in the 70's

    • Turd F.

      "Hey, it was the 70's…" – Mark Cuban

    • R J

      If you can remember the 70s, you weren't there.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #7 Loser in the friend zone.

    • mike

      he spelt friend-zone anniversary wrong.

  • MattKL

    #14 I have the weirdest boner right now.

    • Jen


      • Dr. Evil

        Ditto for #11.

  • Silverstone

    #13 #24 Easter in Manhattan north of 110th Street

  • Silverstone

    Oops! Should have been #15 #24

  • Seth

    Besides the pic of towing the giant tits (very Woody Allen), my initial reaction to this column is, "what the fuck is wrong with these people?" I wanted it to be more thought out, but after scrolling through the pics, along with a drop in IQ points, that was the best I could come up with.

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