You can’t explain that (50 Photos)

  • chivester

    #48 Snoop Lion?

  • Dyquen

    #48 and #49 I can explain. A lion and a Rasta hat makes sense (Jamaicans would get it). If you are Tracy Morgan, an Octopus is the least strange thing. #28 is just looking for a reason to get sucked on. Nipple body suit? somebody's sucking something.

  • nerd


  • Hummus

    I'm pretty sure all I could say scrolling this post was "wat o.O" at every picture.

  • Thumping

    Desecration of a crucifix is not cool at all. You don't have to believe in a particular religion, but to endorse sacrilege aimed at it is not what I expect from Chive.

    • Deed

      Call a medic, we've got an unnecessary butt injury over here!

    • nerd

      Shut it, grandma. That chick is smokin'!

  • Notknowing

    #22 It's NooooNeckJoooooo

  • MissJane

    #35 I'M NOT THE ONLY CHIVER AT WESTERN WASHINGTON! Now, I just have to find the person who posted this…

    • Ton

      Go wwu!!!!

  • jared

    smaller tires are put on it so it can fit on a flat bed truck for transporting to shows or shipping

  • kkccoo

    #27 Toyota camry- i had one as my first car you can take the key out of the ignition while its running HA

  • BradH2O

    # 48 Snoop Lion

  • Danno

    Because Cringer gets all the good drugs

  • Jordana

    Gorgeous girl and awesome tattoo!

  • Kato

    #15 Omg! He killed Big Bird!

  • Tony

    #9 coke heads smh

  • Scots34

    # 10 I have a sneaky suspicion that the goats head will be off within 20 minutes

  • Gallus

    #8 explains itself. What is the problem?

  • red

    #11 is pretty hot 😮

  • lovelilbrax

    #26 & #22 , same guy??

  • A G

    I see nipple.

  • Danonymous

    #11 thats a yep!

  • bob

    #29 i ask you, money well spent. or somebodys daddy deserves a refund.

  • demir57

    #8 find her! Moar moar moar

  • lolsworth

    I can explain #20: it's a Starcraft 2 Adjutant cosplayer. Came top 3 at the Blizzcon cosplay contest iirc


    Looks like… Snoop Lion got stoned. AWWW YEEEEAAHHHHHH

  • Wilco1310

    #21 is that Julia Roberts?

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