You can’t explain that (50 Photos)

  • Rey

    #11 no explanation needed for my boner

  • Brendan Byron

    #11 Moar!!!

  • Lotta leadpipe

    Hello My name is vagina and Im a sexaholic

    #29 Sorry about your penis dude

  • fourdegrees

    #39 No one pointed out yet that this is Saturn (Cronus) eating his son? Am I the only one who geeked out on Roman and Greek mythology for a while in high school? At least, that was the first thing I thought of when I saw it…

  • whitehonkycracker

    #3 Anal fisting

  • DethPwny

    #10…Didn't know Stevie Nicks was a MetalHead?!?!?

  • placenta_smoothie

    #32 my new backgrounds

  • dballz

    #9 – They're just a bunch of Coke heads…..

  • Frikaditas » Frikadas comprimidas. » Quisiéramos explicar esto. Pero no podemos.

    […] Vía thechive. […]

  • LBF 4 ever


  • andrew koster

    #1 no such thing as evolution,eh?

  • Dave

    #21 looks like Julia Roberts

  • Andy

    #14 smoking hot, what's the problem? 😉

  • kalle

    #1 #2 "Order us some golf shoes, otherwise we'll never get out of this place alive. Impossible to walk in this muck. No footing at all. "

    Fear and loathing in vegas

  • chalupaariba

    # 22 This guy has always been ahead in life.

  • HRUSK13

    #15 I always knew Morgan freeman was pimp.

  • Dale

    What sound does a ficking dog make? Woof woof. I am so sick of that shit. Even when you pause the screen the sound continues. Cant listen to tunes and chive at the same time. Fuck this shit.

  • guest

    #6 ha ha ha! That's me and my van!

  • huskerzfan4life

    #18, reminds me of the 70"s movie "chatter Box" a talking Vagina

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