Best photos of the week (65 Photos)

  • Breasts are Best

    I Heart BOOOBS

    • Mike

      Your a idiot

      • dose of irony


        • Sam Duran

          Hahaha. That thread is good enough to make the chive itself!

      • Just Saying


      • Just Saying


        • placenta_smoothie


  • bingo

    #13 is so cute I don't care that I've seen it eighty times.

  • The_Hellequin

    #27 reeks of WTF.

    • Clint

      I will one-up you with #29


      Grindcore band called Wormrot.

  • DrummerWill

    #65 this better start a trend and post of its own. So glorious!

    • rob

      Jordan Carver anyone? she may need a helmet though.

      • Bob25

        Need a bouncy things that bounce post!

    • Mads

      Yes this would be a great trend. However she looks like a retard.

  • johnnystyle25

    #48 Pokies are sweet!

    • foul83

      #48 #53 #57 #61 That'll work.

    • Bam!

      If you look past her lack of clothing you will see that she is really quite ugly.

  • firstymcfirsterson


  • johnnystyle25

    #57 Still gorgeous.

    • uh oh

      Still 16.

    • dreez

      her name is katharina wien

      • tralfaz

        OK I'm going to go google katharina wien, if she's got a wiener I'm gonna be pissed.

        • cweed

          LOL. I see what you did there.

  • Tiber_Septim

    #7 #38 #43 love it give us moar!

    • addicted to sex

      Below average face with amazing tits.
      Why are so many people drooling over this????

      • hara

        Because it's obviously borderline legal?

      • Truth

        Hey! I think he's very handsome!

      • oobaka

        Personally I think she's spectacular. Much better than most on here.

      • Cat

        Rude. Why don't you post nudies of yourself and see how much you like it when people call you "below average" and wonder why anyone would ever drool over you? This has just been a daily reminder that women–yes, even nude and seminude women!–are people.

        • Jawbone

          Especially the ones who whore themselves out to a substandard site in a pathetic attempt to bolster their self-esteem!

        • Jen

          or dont post nudies for the fucking public to see.

  • Timothy1007

    Which one of them was in charge of editing?

    • Jon

      What a moron you are Timothy1007. KCCO brothers!

    • muddles

      Dick move bro

    • haha

      Best comment ever. Still laughing.

    • MikeOverHere

      The one who will repay the Chivettes.

  • fits

    #24 cheers!

    • DioughBoy

      Who is she??!!

  • wise

    #3 trying to view this pic but I accidentally made it my wallpaper. Was in a hurry so I just left it. When my wife ask who she was I told her I don't know but I will tell her as soon as we find her.

    • chips

      what a great husband…

    • Colby

      That ass belongs in the ass hall of fame!!

    • *dash*

      riiiiiiiight "accidentally" made it your wallpaper *wink* i got you dude

    • WKM

      randy moore – so hot

  • Vhiber

    Who are pornstars


      Enter text right here!dont have to be a pornstar to be that hot!!!!

      • Ponderous

        #15 Dani Daniels and # 48 I believe is Charlee Monroe

        • Daniel Tosh


  • Jared

    #15 wow #19 nice personal floatations devices

  • fits

    I'm right there with buddy.

    • fits

      #12 shit

  • Skeet

    I love potatoes

  • randall

    #61 YES PLEASE!

    • Nate

      Why can't all wooks look like this? Assuming she is actually in the Marines.

    • chris043

      That is Crystal Marie.

  • Balls

    Suck my balls

  • Sphincter boy

    #38 someone do the solid and fond her


      I'm going to find her, and friendzone the hell out her. She will never not have someone to complain about the endless amounts of jerks she seems to find herself always dating.

    • toot toot

      I know you mean find, and if you don't, I do. This chick is amazing. #33 too, for that matter.

    • ...

      I would fondle her

    • Ryan


    • addicted to sex

      you left out the 'LE' ending right before the word 'her'.

    • G'wan bi

      I can't help but wonder why she is doing yoga in a Dr's office?

      • addicted to sex

        opening to a Brazzer's scene.

  • Dusty

    #33 MOAR

    • Jed

      According to my Google Image search her name is "Hot Gym Girls".

  • ccc

    Spare no expense.

    • TheDoctor


  • csor1120

    #24 and #13 are adorable

  • @Duzzman1hund

    wonderful chive!! #48 #43 #11 #28 #15 #57

  • Fernie Martinez

    Moar! #7

    • oh no!!

      very average looking girl — at best — with missing front teeth.
      alabama chivers would be thrilled.

      • johnny

        so because she isn't wearing pounds of makeup she is just average huh? I'd hate to see the kind of girl you think is hot if you think this girl is just average…

        • hara

          Nah she plenty cute with a great body but I'm 40 and and she looks creeeepy young to me.

      • hmm

        it does appear she is missing a few teeth….sooo you're no totally wrong

    • F3n1x187

      Yes please!!

    • Alex

      Butterface all the way!

  • @BSimmzy

    #7 #11 #15 #57 The world is a better place because of you ladies!

  • jim

    #11 trashy looking with those trashy ads tats. If that's a best photo of the week must have been a shifty week. Trailer park shit.

    • DrummerWill

      Jim go back to your home on Whore Island, she is epic.

      • Archer

        That's not… a real place.

    • Wow

      yes, you are jackass

    • Remmy

      I for one love girls with tattoos…

    • Dormatt

      YOU ARE A DICK! just imagine how she would feel if she read that
      # keep that shit to yourself

      • xoCOxo

        What a dumbass comment…she's a fuckin' porn chick…who cares what she thinks

    • boob_cuddler

      You sound like trailer park shit.

    • I.Am.Not.The.Batman

      I think she's pretty cute and maybe this will change ur mind.

      • TheBatman

        Because I am!!!

        • TheBatman

          also, not a tattoo fan… but not bothered either way.

    • Lexie

      She's adorable! Hush.

    • PnB

      jim – do you know how we all know that you are gay?

    • HaleyLeighishername

      Haha. You're all idiots. The tats don't make her trailer park, but the fact that she's a porn star does. So, she's not adorable, and if she read that, she'd probably offer to blow him anyway.

    • Cat

      …said the fugly, lonely man from his computer where he spent all of his time literally losing his shit every time he saw an unattractive woman because not only are women solely there for his viewing pleasure, but he also has nothing better to do.

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