Daily Morning Awesomeness (35 Photos)

  • The Joe

    Russia… The drinking man's Japan…

    • Mr World Traveller

      #23? I can't quite tell what he's drinking. Does look like Russian beer bottles, though. For some reason, I was thinking he's a Brit…

  • John

    #31 Dova-Kringle

  • aaa

    #34 now I feel like I gotta try it. DAMNIT

  • Jon

    #14 I sure as hell wouldn't kick her out of bed.

    #20 She can kick my ass any day of the week….Also send MOAR

  • chivester

    #14 I wish the entertainment media would stop giving her such a hard time about going out and having fun. She's still hot as fuck and I'd do her in a nanosecond. Just saying.

  • FYI
  • Russell Wilson

    #10 MERICA ! #14 Demi looks drunk and Kravitz looks REALLY uncomfortable. #22 Soon !!

  • VedHead77

    #30 – No talent assclown. She obviously came to dance, dance, dance, dance.

  • rae

    fucking want… were the hell do i get this

  • DB Conor

    #16 Training Day. "King Kong ain't got nothin on me!"

  • DB Conor

    #22 "You didn't see Aaaanything." Non-Antarctic version.

  • kenk85

    #23 ive done that but the bottles were taped to my hands and i was trying to figure out a way to piss

  • jai

    #17 for the WIN (or fail if you're the chick) #20 SO. HOT.

  • Desertfox5150

    Nicole does amazing cosplay. Check out her other costumes! Pretty badass

  • futurama fry

    #4 moarr

  • Dr.


    Drake = Twat. No wonder he didn't like that chick.

    Go back to Degrassi.

  • FNG

    #14 We all know that demi is a dirty girl, and for 50 im ok with that.

  • svp

    #30 b*tch be gone!

  • Joe

    #13 Hey Jack!

  • Biscuit


    One of the hottest pictures I've ever seen on the Chive.

  • mikeraw


    She's showing her age…

  • Macro

    #28 It looks like IKEA redecorated the Eagle's Nest (look it up if you don't know).

    • German Scholar

      What's the Eagle's Nest? You know, your smart IKEA comment was neutered by the pedantic attitude at the end… (FYI, most educated adults realize what the Eagle's Nest is.)

  • D Man

    #20 doesn't break backs…..just hearts…..and backs sometimes

  • Bee

    #23 scrolling on my phone saw this the exact same time " thunder struck" by ac/dc came on
    Laughed my ass off…try it,it awesome

  • Eder

    #4 AND #20 FOR SURE.

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