Do something innovative this weekend (21 Photos)

  • Go me

    First maybe

    • StarboardEngine

      Loser. Definitely.

      • Pa pow

        Damn.. Just checked back and I pulled it off. Got damn fuck yeaaaaaaaaaa!

  • Honey boo boo

    #9 and #19
    Look really comfortable right about now.

  • ThatGuy

    #25 Texting while biking may now become a problem?

    • Notme


    • notxt

      it's already a problem even without such invention

  • echogeo

    I hope someone video taped the trial run of this gem.

    • LaurenGoMeow

      yea i would wanna see that

      • 509chiver

        I wanna see moar of you sweetie!

      • barack obama

        nice tits

    • josh mcgregor

      have a fun time turning!

  • HumpDan

    I'm going to need some beer first.

  • Lazt

    Do nothing this weekend!!!

  • Nate Dizzle

    #21 Who crapped on the chair?

    • fgbsgb

      I was thinking it was like a sequel to Dreamcatcher

    • Mr. Berg

      Was going to be my comment, but replace crapped with perioded.

      • Drilldo

        is there something between thumbs up and thumbs down….oh shit yeah!

  • Just Sayin'

    #21 Don't be silly…rednecks can't afford HTC phones!

    • The Joe

      Dude! Someone's ass exploded all over that plastic chair!

    • MonkeyMadness

      They're probably on welfare.

  • cooktiludrop

    *hiccup!* come on guys, a coupla more bottles *hiccup* and the tree will be done. *hiccup*.

    • Pedro


  • crustybubblechunks

    #13 I feel like the last two books should've read 'no touchee'

    • Stick

      There was this old guy who used to have a bicycle shop in the Pennsauken Mart, he'd shout 'NO TOOKEE! NO TOOKEE!'

    • TheVanityScore

      touchee reads like a snappy come back. maybe if they put "no touchy"

  • SmokeyTheBear

    I'm just gonna get drunk..

  • NebraskaGuy

    #18 Clever use of available resources, and why not?

  • MattKL

    #9 Did this many a time in the Army. Get a few armless chairs lined up, and it's actually not too bad.

  • Mikeg01sf

    Thumbs up for boobs and bacon!!

  • sfb101

    At least it has adjustable spray settings… #8

  • Stick

    Looks like something you'd buy at a fancy furniture store for more than it's worth.
    Still, pretty awesome

    • DrGarnicus

      You should gave yourself an idea. Move to the fancy city and make a mint.

  • chiver

    #6 seen this one on here too many times

    • Loki

      I'm really intrigued as to what actually happened to the original cushion in the first place? You don't just lose a cushion, something real bad has gone down here.

  • Boner Jams

    #7 well played sir, well played

    • Claude

      kinda like putting a cooler in the fridge, isn't it?

  • Tornpantz

    #7 no more feeling bad about peeing in the shower for this guy

    • W.B.M

      who feels bad for peeing in the show?
      Maybe a tad for peeing in the bath, but not shower….

      • MonkeyMadness

        Maybe a tad for peeing into someone else's bath, while they're in it.

  • futurama fry

    #5 seems legit

    • Claude

      I am now ready for Christmas.

    • TheVanityScore

      ps1 + ps2 = ps3? pretty clever but if i was that kid i wouldnt be very impressed haha

  • socalmarti

    #14 Mexican blue tooth!

    • TheVanityScore

      or a texan xbox headset

  • skittles

    #21 Did somebody get murdered in that chair???

  • Donkey Punch

    I'd rather just put my shit on the floor. #10 is fucking hideous.

  • occam

    What app is #21?

    • Mike

      That's specifically what I'm wondering too.

    • sreyb

      ulysse speedometer pro on google play store and it's free.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #20 – well done.

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